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Press Release

Press Release

Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference NESS gathers 300 researchers in Turku

A deeper collaboration between environmental and social scientific research is crucial for gaining a better understanding of today’s complex sustainability challenges and ensuring the well-being of future generations.

By integrating interdisciplinary perspectives and expertise, we can more effectively anticipate and comprehend the impacts of human activities on the environment and develop innovative strategies to promote global sustainability.

The Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference (NESS), organized by Åbo Akademi University in collaboration with Turku University, will bring together 300 environmental social science researchers in Turku on 4–6 June, 2024, to discuss these pressing issues.

– Solving today’s numerous and complex environmental problems requires collaboration across various scientific disciplines as well as ongoing dialogue with social actors, citizens, and decision-makers. By understanding what is achievable and how to achieve it, we can better meet ambitious environmental and sustainability goals, says Marko Joas, Vice-Rector for Societal Cooperation at Åbo Akademi.

– We are excited about the conference, especially as it brings together over 300 dedicated scholars specializing in environmental social science from across Europe. This year’s theme, “The Co-Production of Knowledge for Sustainability,” aligns closely with our work at Åbo Akademi, particularly in the context of interdisciplinary marine research. The conference format facilitates in-depth discussions in the workshops, often leading to joint publications and project ideas, says Nina Tynkkynen, Professor of Environmental Governance and Policy at Åbo Akademi, and Chair of the organizing committee of the conference.

Keynote speakers of the conference are Assistant Professor Josie Chambers, Utrecht University,  Dr. Jasper Montana, Oxford University, Professor Emeritus Markku Ollikainen, University of Helsinki, Associate Professor Mikaela Vasstrøm, University of Agder, and Professor Christina Voigt  from the University of Oslo.

In addition to the keynote speakers, the conference program features numerous interdisciplinary workshops that explore how research across scientific disciplines and in collaboration with other stakeholders can generate new knowledge on sustainability. The co-creation of knowledge is a central theme for both the keynote speakers and the workshops.

Read more about the conference program: ness2024.fi

Media representatives are warmly invited to participate in the conference on Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm at Åbo Akademi, Arken, Fabriksgatan 2, Åbo. Nina Tynkkynen and Marko Joas will be available to discuss the importance of environmental social science and the conference theme. Read more about Thursday’s program here.


Professor Nina Tynkkynen, chair of the organising committee, Åbo Akademi
+358 50 440 0406

Professor Marko Joas, Vice-Rector, Societal and International Cooperation, Åbo Akademi
+358 400 726 125