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Donate to Solutions for Health

Donate to Solutions for Health

Åbo Akademi University’s Solutions for Health research profile is focused on the goal of a healthy life.

We work with developing solutions for health spanning from molecules to mind, i.e. from molecular and cellular level to psychological wellbeing.

Research within the profile takes a holistic view to health. The profile combines a range of interdisciplinary research areas, from pharmaceutical sciences, structural biology and bioinformatics, organic chemistry and biochemistry, molecular and cell biology to medical materials, biomedical imaging to psychology and logopedics, health sciences and even information technology and health economics. All four faculties of Åbo Akademi University are represented in the research profile.

Research within Solutions for Health is carried out in cooperation with the drug industry in Turku region. One fifth of all industrial jobs in the Turku region are connected with the life science sector and half of the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies in Finland are located here. The research also includes close collaboration with hospitals and doctors and the projects often stem from real clinical questions.

The demographic changes in our society cause a great challenge. We live longer than previous generations and expect to stay healthy and active also in retirement. We want to take up this challenge. Our ambitious goal is nothing less than to contribute to a long life and life-long health. And for this we need your help. You can help us to help everyone attain better health – better life.


You can also make a donation via bank transaction to the following account:

Danske Bank
FI96 8119 9710 0166 03

Please write the name of the donor, your contact details and the donation target (“Solutions for Health”) in the message field.

If your donation is of 850 euros or more, we kindly ask you to fill in a deed of donation.

Please click here for more information about donating.


By donating you help us finding innovative solutions to develop a detailed understanding of health and diseases on a molecular, cellular and human level. 

Updated 2.1.2023