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The Sea

The Sea

Providing knowledge on marine and maritime life for a sustainable future

Our mission is to find science-based solutions to our wicked problems in order to enable coexistence between marine and maritime life and the modern society that promotes sustainable growth in the Baltic Sea and Nordic maritime areas, including the Arctic.

We do this by working across the research areas environmental and marine biology, public administration and industrial management, and in close collaboration with government institutions, policy makers, maritime industry, research institutes, NGOs, private companies and donors, in a Living Lab framework.

Our research has a particular focus on marine biology, regulation and other steering mechanisms as well as maritime logistics and trade, with the Baltic Sea serving as a global model. The profiling area is a collaborative effort with the University of Turku.

Watch the video below where some of our experts explain the importance of, and the diversity of research within The Sea.


Updated 11.10.2022