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Career counseling

Career counseling

Your skills, knowledge and what you wish of the future is in center during career counseling. The counseling can be anything from how to include relevant information in your CV to more complex discussions och your future.

The Career Services offer personal career counseling where we focus on identifying your skills and abilities and can give suggestions on how to efficiently look for suitable positions. You can also choose to make a personal profile analysis (SLG Thomas) in combination with the counseling. You can also book a shorter time for a CV-check, where we can give hints about how to write your CV, application letter or LinkedIn profile. Time for cv-checks can be booked directly in the JobTeaser-portal or by sending a request to cv-check@abo.fi.

The Career Coaching online is a room in moodle (requires login) where we have collected material to support your career planning and job search. There you can look in to get tips and work on your own. You can also submit information and self-study assignments if you want feedback from one of the coaches. There is also a similar Moodle self-study package, but more focused on competence recognition and from a more entrepreneurial perspective – “My competencies – self-study package”.

Do also take part in different events or coachings we organize (found under “Events”). Read more about efficient job seeking and find vacant positions through the links below.

Career planning is an on-going process during your whole academic studies and develop your professional identity. A career plan means that your interest and skills say something how to use them and how to be in benefits of others. The career plan become a visible plan between your studies and your future working life.  

What Career services do? 

We give you some tips for your job seeking; were to find jobs and information about the labor markets in Finland. The coordinators at Career services helps you to identify your knowledges and to puts words on your knowledge/competences, strengthness, skills and your qualities.  

You have also an opportunity to make a personal profile analysis (SLG Thomas-analysis), book a slot to our CV-clinics and check your personal letter or your LinkedIn-profile with us. 

It´s important that you keep your career plan updated during your whole period of studies.  

A career plan means that, 

  • you analyze your knowledge/competence, interest, skills and way of work (what I can?) 
  • investigate the labor market in your educational area (what options do I have?) 
  • you make a vision or a mood board of the next five years (what do I want?)  
  • consider which actions you need to take to achieve your goals. (What´s the first thing I need to do to get there?) 


We, at Åbo Akademi University wants that you in your early stages of your studies consider your own goals with your studies. We also want that you take actions to get aware of the opportunities in your educational fields at the labor market.  

The career plan can be used as a document in your educational plan, in conversations with your teachers or your career coordinator. Most of all it´s a tool for your own reflection of your professional development.    

Useful links:

Career handbook online (require your ÅA-login)

Book a slot for career counselling 

If you want to know what alumnus from ÅA are working with, see ÅA-alumnus at work

If you want to find available jobs/vacations and internships or learn more how to present your knowledge to employers, see Job seeking. 

It´s important that you clarify your strengthness, interest, values and goals. A good self-knowledge gives you the tools to describe strengths of yourself and the areas which you want to develop. In the career handbook online (in Moodle) there are a lot of material which support you in your investigation of yourself.  You can also book a slot for a career counselling.  

A personal profile analysis will help you to become aware of your way of working and your priorities in working life. The personal profile analysis is produced by SLG Thomas International. It´s an online analysis. The results of the personal profile analysis show your motivations, your approach to any working environment and your performance of success in a vary of fields.  

Contact Career services for a Personal profile analysis. After you have accomplished the online-test, you are able to discuss the results of the test with one of our certified PPA-experts at Career services.  


Our events are for all our students as well newly graduated students. Our workshops and seminars do not have any prerequisites and it´s up to you if you want to participate in one or several sessions.

Please check the eventcalender  for our upcoming events!

Updated 5.9.2023