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An internship gives you an idea of how your studies can be implemented in working life. During an internship you get a picture of what organisations look like, what kind of tasks there are and what the labor market prospects look like. An internship is also beneficial for widening your network.

Internships employers in Finland mostly pay the interns a salary and the internship may in many aspects feel like a real job with extra guidance. Applying for an internship in Finland often follows the same application procedures as regular jobs. Via ÅAU you can get partial funding for your internship in form of an internship voucher or e.g. Erasmus+ stipendium. An internship is usually done by the end of the study program.


Where can I do an internship?

You can do an internship either in Finland or abroad, e.g. in private organisations, governmental institutions, municipalities, third sector organisations, companies and at ÅAU. The Career Services offer a database with vacant positions and internships.

Credits for an internship 

Some study programs at ÅAU include a mandatory internship and an internship period can be included as a optional part (5-10 ECTS) in most programs. Discuss with your professor/teacher tutor/study advisor in order to know how an internship can be included in your studies.

Updated 26.1.2018