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Vacant jobs and internships

Vacant jobs and internships

Finding a job (or internship) takes time. Many open positions are also hidden, i.e. not published, and when you reach to an employer directly or send an open application it is even more important to know what field and what kind of tasks you are interested of. Start collecting a list of interesting employers already during your studies in order to find a suitable job after graduation.

Tell about your interests and skills when you interact with people, both live and on social media. In this way the people around you become aware of what you are interested in and looking for. Remember to also ask other what their interests and skills are.


Find a job:

  •  JobsInFinland.fi, database aggregate job openings that don’t require Finnish skills
  • other databases for vacant positions (e.g. Duunitori, Monster, Oikotie, Valtiolle, Kuntarekry, TE-palvelut)
  • social media and organisations own web pages
  • recruiting companies and employers CV banks
  • own contacts and previous employers

Updated 24.1.2022