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Labour Market for ÅAU Graduates

The Career Services at Åbo Akademi University gathers information on how graduates from Åbo Akademi University place on the labor market. The information is gathered both through own surveys and through other channels.

National reports for surveys 2017-2021 in English is gathered at
Vipunen.fi – Career Monitoring

  • Survey report, 5 years after Master degree
  • Survey report, 3 years after Doctoral degree

Åbo Akademi University follows newly graduated and their early career. Invitation to take part in the survey is sent in the autumn, about one year after graduation.

Åbo Akademi University makes own reporting published in Swedish, please visit the Swedish version of this page for report 2022. The report is used for developing the education on the basis of the feedback, and the information will also be utilized in research. In addition, the results of the survey will affect university funding.

Other placement reports

Aarresaari, the network for Finnish Academic Career Services, has published a report on how graduates from Finnish universities have placed on the labor market. Link on Aarresaari Career Monitoring


A webbservice with job titles for University alumnis with also user interface in English. You can search on your main subject (searsch only in Finnish or Swedish) and get a report on unemployment and job titles.

Official education statistics (user interface in English)


  • results on the Career Monitoring surveys
  • placement on labour market 1 year after graduation
  • applicants and selected candidates
  • International activity

Updated 8.11.2023