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Career Services for Employers

You can reach out to university students in the Turku/Åbo and Vasa campus areas.

Advertise vacancies, internship positions and final thesis subject to Åbo Akademi University students. It is free of charge to advertise in the Aarresaari – Career Services Network of Finnish universities’ JobTeaser-database.

Advertise in the database

We can also help you with recruitment processes and company presentations for students at Åbo Akademi University. In addition, we can distribute marketing material and provide information on various career events. In order to know how our alumni are placed in the labor market, we follow up the graduates’ career development through regular surveys. The data is used to develop the education and to help the university allocate its core funding.

ÅAU alumni on the labor market


Employ an intern 

An intern from ÅAU is a motivated employee with a wide range of competences and a capacity to work with a variety of tasks. Projects and reports are just a few examples of the tasks that an intern can perform. An intern can be employed to work within your ordinary operations or to develop something completely new in your organisation.

An internship is a great way for the employer to advertise themselves to students and to awake their interest for the organisation after their graduation. If a former intern is recruited to the organisation as a new employee, they can swiftly undertake the work tasks, since they are already familiar with the organisational culture and they have, during their remaining study time, improved competences in areas that they deem relevant for the job.

It is in the interests of Åbo Akademi University to offer good work-life experiences and work-life contacts to our interns. We are convinced that relevant internships considerably increase the study motivation of our students and provide them with opportunities to find suitable jobs after their graduation. ÅAU can also offer students partially financed internships. More information can be found through the link on the right.

Updated 29.12.2021