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Career Services for Employers

Career Services for Employers

Interested in employing a newly graduated expert, an intern or a thesis worker? Do you wish to reach out to future experts? Through the Career Services at Åbo Akademi University, you can reach out to university students in the Turku/Åbo and Vasa campus areas.

We can help you for example with the following: 

  • Advertising vacant jobs and internships to university students 
  • Information regarding internship subsidies
  • Company presentations and guest lectures to our students 
  • Contacts to different subjects at ÅAU
  • Information about placement statistics and competencies of our newly graduated

Read more about our services in the sections below.


Advertise at nine universities in Finland: 

Employers can free of charge advertise vacant positions, internships or thesis placements through JobTeaser portal in one go. Through JobTeaser, you can reach out to students both at ÅAU and in eight other Finnish universities that are part of the Aarresaari network. The advertisements that are published on JobTeaser ought to be relevant for university students. Aarresaari network moderates the JobTeaser portal centrally. More information regarding the multiposting possibility and registration to JobTeaser can be found here.

Advertise only at Åbo Akademi University:

If you wish to target only students at ÅAU, please log in to JobTeaser through the here. In this portal, you can also advertise jobs that can be done alongside with one’s studies and which do not require academic education.

Advertise at universities in Europe: 

If you wish to reach out to over 750 universities in Europe with a single advertisement, please be in directly in contact with JobTeaser’s representatives and ask for an offer. More information can be found here.

Please note that Åbo Akademi University does not publish advertisements on unpaid internships on JobTeaser.

Why hire an intern? 

  • Acquire new insights, ideas and perspectives 
  • Get to know future experts 
  • Receive extra help with e.g. projects, reports and such 
  • Possibility to gain visibility and positive word-of-mouth for your company amongst the peers of the intern 
  • Possibility to help a student to apply their knowledge in practice and gain valuable insights into the labour market and their own branch
  • Possibility to acquire a potential future employee who already is familiar with the culture and practices of your organisation

Universities want to help students find high-quality and suitable internships in many ways, e.g. by granting them internship subsidies. Internships in Finland for university students are often paid with salary by the employer. Students at Åbo Akademi can get internship vouchers from the university to use at their internship positions. Students can inform the employer already in the application about ÅAU system with partial funded internships (internship vouchers). Employers that hire interns, who have an internship voucher for paid internships from Åbo Akademi, can get the subsidy (1300 € or 900 €). 

Students at Åbo Akademi will get the internship voucher one time during their studies. Students can apply for the internship voucher any time. 

The internship voucher can be used at internship positions where the employer pays an salary to the intern that is a minimum of 1399 € per month (the employment condition of KELA 2024). 

An internship period of two months is the minimum length and the intern follows the normal working hours as the other personnel. The internship employer and Åbo Akademi University Career Services makes a written agreement on the partial funding before the internship starts.  After the internship, employer sends an invoice to Åbo Akademi University based on the subsidy agreed in the contract.

Internship subsidies: 

  • An internship period of 3 months or longer, subsidy to employer of 1300 €.  
  • An internship period of 2 months, subsidy to employer of 900 €.  

Employers that are a part of a Finnish government body can get a higher subsidy: 1800 € for an internship period of 3 months or 1200 € for an internship period of two months.

Employers are welcome to hire interns also without subsidy from the university. In that case, please, make a note in the internship placement advertisement if you prefer applicants that have the internship voucher. 

We can also help you with recruitment processes and company presentations for students at Åbo Akademi University. In addition, we can distribute marketing material and provide information on various career events. In order to know how our alumni are placed in the labor market, we follow up the graduates’ career development through regular surveys. The data is used to develop the education and to help the university allocate its core funding.

ÅAU alumni on the labor market

Updated 29.12.2023