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Solutions for Health

Solutions for Health

The research profile Solutions for Health is closely linked to Turku – a leader in drug development in Finland. One fifth of all industrial jobs in the Turku region are connected with biomedicine and half of the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies in Finland are located here.

Research within the profile is carried out in co-operation with the University of Turku. The research, largely coordinated under the umbrella organisation of BioCity Turku, has led to numerous innovations.

Our research is multifaceted and interdisciplinary. From bioengineering to individualised therapies, psychological treatments, and robotic and AI healthcare solutions.

A central research area for Åbo Akademi University is biomedical imaging, which enables researchers to study cells and tissues in detail by utilising advanced and world-leading optical laser technology. Biomedical imaging is a future area and one in which Turku is among the leading regions in Europe. The headquarters of the European research infrastructure Euro-BioImaging ERIC and the Finnish National PET Centre – one of the largest centres for medical imaging in Europe – are both located here.

Other key areas within the research profile Solutions for Health include drug development and pharmaceutical sciences, organic chemistry and biochemistry, structural biology and bioinformatics, cell and molecular biology as well as materials research. As of the year 2020, also health science, psychology and information technology are included in the research profile.

The research profile Solutions for Health was called Drug Development and Diagnostics during 2015–2020.

Updated 30.8.2023