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Åbo Akademi University Research Mobility Programme

Åbo Akademi University Research Mobility Programme

About the programme

The ÅAU research mobility programme supports international research visits to and from Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU). The research can be within different fields and should show relevance for one of the profiling areas of ÅAU: Minority research, Molecular process and material technology, Drug development and diagnostics and The Sea. The mobility programme supports scientific collaboration for ÅAUs profiling areas, strengthens internationalisation and enhances interdisciplinary academic collaboration. The programme enables scholars at ÅAU to undertake a period of research abroad, or provides an opportunity for high performing international scholars to visit ÅAU in order to pursue their research.

Who can apply

Talented scholars on different academic levels may apply (Professors, Postdoctoral researchers, Teachers and doctoral candidates).

Applicants should conduct research that is relevant to one of the profiling areas of ÅAU. The mobility programme supports mutually beneficial research visits, where the benefits for both the individual researcher and ÅAU are clearly stated.

Outgoing ÅAU-scholars should be employed by ÅAU during the visit. At the moment, researchers or doctoral candidates pursuing their research/doctoral studies with a grant or a scholarship are not eligible to apply.

Incoming researchers from universities or research institutes abroad should be employed by, or receive other funding for their research from, their home university. Researchers already conducting research at, or already (partially or fully) employed by ÅAU, are not supported.

Mobility periods and financial support

The mobility programme supports research visits for one to six months. The specific dates of the visit must be agreed upon between each individual scholars and the hosting unit at the host university.

The mobility programme supports costs up to 1050 e/month (1500 e/month for scholars traveling with dependent children) and covers one economy-class round-trip ticket. Please read the below links for exact details.

Details for outgoing ÅAU-scholars

Details for incoming researchers

The financing from the ÅAU research mobility programme should be regarded as additional funding, meant for covering additional costs during the mobility period. We expect you to receive your salary, or other funding, from your home university also during your mobility period.

Application period and deadlines

The application period for mobility periods between January and July 2020 is open 1.9-15.10.2019. Please apply here:

Incoming Researcher to Åbo Akademi University: Research Mobility Program

Outgoing Researcher from Åbo Akademi University: Research Mobility Program

Future application periods:

  • March 2020 for mobility period August-December 2020
  • October 2020 for mobility period January and July 2021

The application process

The application form is electronic and all attachments should be submitted in a single PDF file.

A complete application for both outgoing ÅAU scholars and visiting international scholars consists of:

Completing the online application form for either:

Submitting the enclosures (in a single PDF document, max. 8 Mb):

  • A cover letter addressing your interest in the mobility program and specifying your preferred term of stay.
  • Academic CV
  • A research plan (max three pages)
  • A project abstract targeted to a general audience
  • A letter of invitation from the host university (signed by the scientific contact person)
  • A letter of support from a full professor at ÅAU.

Please note that we expect all applicants to have permission for the research visit from their head of subject or equivalent. The programme does not cover any costs for substituting the researcher at the home university during the mobility period.

Processing of applications

The applicants are assessed after the deadline. The following criteria is taken into consideration when assessing the applicants:

  • The applicant’s research and how it fits with the profiling area.
  • The purpose of the research visit and its connection to the profiling area.
  • How would the research visit benefit both the profiling activity at ÅAU and the individual researcher’s ongoing work?
  • The applicant’s overall academic track record and qualifications.

General guidelines and aspects to consider before applying

Applicants are expected to be proactive regarding the visit and make sure they have permission for the visit before applying.

Applicants are expected to be in residence at the university during the research visit. Any absences should be negotiated separately.

The programme is intended for research visits, and does not support conference expenses.

Both outgoing ÅAU-scholars and incoming visitors should arrange accommodation themselves. ÅAU does unfortunately not provide guest housing at the moment.

The mobility program is a financing program only. Practicalities related to the mobility period should be arranged by the researcher and his or her host at the host university.

Visitors are encouraged to give at least one presentation on their current research during the research visit.

All researchers should send in a short summarising report no later than one month after the visit has ended. The report should be concise and reflect on the outcomes of the visit.

All applicants must be fluent in English.


For more information, please contact: researchmobility@abo.fi.

Updated 3.10.2019