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About Åbo Akademi University Strategic Research Profiling

About Åbo Akademi University Strategic Research Profiling

The Academy of Finland has a funding instrument that aims to support Finnish universities in profiling their research into distinct areas of strength. All Finnish universities have been given the opportunity to submit applications, in which they have been asked to present their intended measures for profiling themselves into select focus areas.

ÅAU has chosen four strategically important research areas and succeeded very well in these calls, receiving altogether about 6 million euros in the first two profiling funding rounds (September 2015 and March 2016), and 2,4 million euros in the third funding round (June 2017). In the fourth funding round (May 2018) ÅAU received 1,9 million euros. The funding decisions where based on the review reports drafted by international panels.

Our four research areas are:

Molecular Process and Material Technology, focusing on chemical engineering and material aspects in the bioeconomy.

Drug Development and Diagnostics, focusing on materials and technologies for health – from molecules to devices and drug delivery systems.

Minority Research, interdisciplinary research on the complexities involved in the production and construction of minority positions, identities, and rights.

The Sea, towards a living lab for marine and maritime research – society, nature, and technology.

At Åbo Akademi University the implementation in all four profiling areas is ongoing, and initial investments are mainly directed towards tenure-track recruitments. At the same time ÅAU invests its own funds to recruit annually approximately 10 experienced adjunct professors to support the specific profile areas with a 20% commitment to the activities at our university. These adjunct professors are international top level researchers who directly support the profile areas, and are involved in activities at ÅAU through postgraduate teaching, supervision and grant writing.

Apart from this we have launched a  research mobility programme to support research visits to and from ÅAU. The mobility programme supports scientific collaboration within the profiling areas, strengthens internationalisation and enhances interdisciplinary academic collaboration.

Updated 2.4.2019