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Inorganic Chemistry – research and researchers

Inorganic Chemistry – research and researchers

Combustion technologies are in state of new challenges. Completely new techniques are being developed for cleaner and more efficient combustion. “Alternative” and “Non-Fossil” fuels such as biomasses and various wastes or waste-derived fuels are heavily entering the scene especially in Europe.A large part of the research activities at the Inorganic Chemistry is connected to the development of cleaner and more efficient combustion technologies. Our recent work has dealt with development of laboratory methods and modelling tools for prediction of the detailed behaviour of various combustion processes. The tools were tested in a number of measurement and sampling campaigns in full-scale combustion processes in many locations in Europe. These tools were used to assist the equipment manufacturing companies in their work to design novel combustion devices.We also study inorganic materials of interest to various applications. We continue our studies on bioactive glasses with optimized properties, we study novel glazes which are easier to keep clean, and we apply our electrochemical measurement systems to support the development of better fuel cell electrode materials and more effective electric capacitors.

Research staff


Professor Leena Hupa (docent in functional silicate materials)

Professor Mikko Hupa

Senior Lecturer Patrik Yrjas, docent in ash chemistry and furnace materials

Senior Lecturer Johan Werkelin

University Teacher Maria Zevenhoven, docent in ash forming matter in biomass and waste


Laboratory Manager Tor Laurén, Head of Laboratory Services


Project Associates and Post-Doc. Researchers

Markus Engblom, Project Associate, docent in mathematical modeling of thermo-chemical conversion of biomass
Oskar Karlström, Project Associate
Juho Lehmusto, Post-Doctoral Researcher
Daniel Lindberg, Academy Research Fellow, docent in chemical thermodynamics in high temperature processes
Fiseha Tesfaye, Post-Doctoral Resarcher
Emil Vainio, Researcher


Doctoral Students

Laura Aalto-Setälä
Nina Bruun, Doctoral Student, University Teacher
Meheretu Dirbeba
Elisa Hupa
Thomas Kronberg
Na Li
Christian Lindfors
Jonne Niemi
Paulo Santochi
Daniel Schmid
Christoffer Sevonius
Polina Sinitsyna

Research Assistants and Laboratory Personnel

Peter Backman, Project Engineer
Luis Bezerra, Laboratory Technician
Jan-Erik Eriksson, Project Engineer
Jaana Paananen, Research Assistant
Linus Silvander, Project Engineer


Financial Secretary Maria Lastuniemi

Secretery Mia Mäkinen
Jointly with Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Technology

Updated 27.11.2019