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Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre – PCC

Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre – PCC

PCC merges chemistry and chemical engineering to provide the solutions for the future. The goal is to develop new, sustainable technologies for making selected platform chemicals, fine and specialty chemicals as well as health promoting materials and chemicals. The research is mainly focused on two important types of molecules appearing in forest biomass, namely hemicelluloses and lignin. The research work is done in close collaboration with industrial companies. PCC also has an extensive international collaboration network with partners all over the world.

The executive board of the Centre consists of Professor Johan Bobacka (chairman), Associate Professor Henrik Grénman (vice chairman), Professor Leena Hupa, Professor Patrik Eklund and Academy Professor Tapio Salmi and Professor Chunlin Xu.

Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre 2019


Address: Henriksgatan 2, FI-20500 Åbo, Finland | Phone: +358-2-215 31 | E-mail: pcc@abo.fi

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