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Pop-up event for internationals

Talent Boost

Pop-up event for internationals

Talent Boost


The Finnish government has long acknowledged the importance of international students and their integration into the Finnish society and labour market as a valuable asset for boosting the Finnish economy and solving social issues.

Although Finland every year welcomes many international students, many of them leave the country after graduation. International students face various barriers to entering the labour market in Finland, such as language issues, cultural barriers, and limited employment opportunities. This migration trend of international students is a serious loss for the Finnish government and the Finnish labour market. 

Therefore, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, have launched the Talent Boost programme (2021-2024) with the aim to support the stay of international graduates to work and settle in Finland. Being a part of this programme, we at Åbo Akademi University take our role in organising, among other things, networking events, info sessions and recruitment campaigns, as well as conducting relevant research on international talents and their integration into the Finnish job market.


Read more about our Talent Boost activities in the sections at the end of the page.

  • To improve the opportunities of international students in finding internships or employment in Finland by providing information on recruitment
  • To familiarise international students with the labour market, self-employment, and entrepreneurship in Finland
  • To develop the networks and connections of the international students 
  • To help international students at Åbo Akademi University settle and integrate in Finland and in the Finnish job market 

  • To help solve the Finnish skilled labour shortage while supporting the internationalisation of Finnish employers 
  • To close the gap of expectations and requirements of the different parties while building a strong bridge between the recruiter and prospective talents 
  • To facilitate the access of Finnish employers to an extensive international talent pool 
  • To increase innovation and creativity among Finnish companies and organisations
  • To increase the competitiveness of companies in Finland by retaining international talents and their valuable experience and skills 

Updated 16.2.2023