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Pop-up event for internationals

Talent Boost

Pop-up event for internationals

Talent Boost

Make Finland an attractive place for internationals to live and prosper 

Talent Boost is a program (2021-2024), launched by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, that aims to support the immigration of skilled employees, students and researchers into Finland.

International students face various barriers to entering the labor market in Finland, such as language issues, cultural barriers, and limited employment opportunities. To tackle this, we at Åbo Akademi University are committed to developing new and improving our existing services for internationals.

We organize, among other things, networking events with employers and students, info sessions, work-life mentoring, language support and recruitment campaigns. We collect also information and conduct research on the international students’ integration into Finland by maintaining a continuous dialogue with the students. 

Read more about our Talent Boost activities in the sections at the end of the page. 


  • To improve the international students’ possibilities of finding internships and employment in Finland by e.g., providing career guidance, offering different subsidiaries, and organizing work-life mentorship and other types of activities 
  • To familiarize international students with the labor market, self-employment, and entrepreneurship in Finland by offering information and guidance 
  • To help develop the networks of international students by organizing events and facilitating encounters with potential employers and other locals 
  • To help international students adapt to the Finnish culture and society by providing support in language learning of both national languages and by sharing information about work-life culture and culture overall 

  • To help Finnish organizations find skilled interns and employees by facilitating the employment of international students in various ways, e.g., by offering internship subsidies  
  • To close the gap of expectations and requirements of the different parties by sharing information and being transparent 
  • To increase innovation, creativity and competitiveness among Finnish organizations by showing the Finnish organizations the potential of international students through various encounters and/or joint projects 
  • To help making Finnish organizations more diverse, inclusive and equal for all 

Updated 11.8.2023