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Mentorpar som går på Arkens innegård.

Mentorship program CareerContact

Mentorpar som går på Arkens innegård.

Mentorship program CareerContact

Åbo Akademi University has since May 2022 organized the mentorship program CareerContact for international master’s students at ÅAU. The aim of the program is to help students to learn more about Finnish working life and work culture, expand their networks and identify their strengths with the help of a mentor.

The next mentorship period will take place between January-June 2024. Please read more about the program and how to apply below. 

About the program: 

  • Work-life themed one-on-one mentoring for six months
  • One-on-one meetings approx. once a month. The mentee (student) is responsible for booking and planning the meetings
  • Joint meetings organized by the program coordinators to enable networking among the mentor pairs
  • ÅAU coordinates the program and supports the mentor pair throughout the mentoring process 
  • The program is in English

Who can be a mentor? 

  • A person who is established in the Finnish working life
  • A retiree who has experience from the Finnish working life and is up to date concerning the Finnish labor market
  • Please, note that we cannot guarantee that everyone who applies to the program gets a mentee, but we will keep everyone informed about the process.

Why should I become a mentor? 

  • To get to know a new person and broaden your network
  • To develop your own leadership skills, learn new things and find new perspectives
  • To be able to share your experience and insights within your field in order to support an international student’s possibility to stay and find employment in Finland
  • To have an impact on a young person’s personal journey
  • To help build a more inclusive society

How do I apply to become a mentor?

  • You can express your interest in becoming a mentor by filling out the application form here

Who can apply for a mentor? 

  • An international master student at ÅAU who is motivated and committed to be part of the mentorship program. 
  • Please observe that we cannot guarantee that we will find you a mentor. 

Why should I apply for a mentor? 

  • Possibility to get to know a new person, who shares the same or similar professional field and/or educational background as you 
  • Possibility to get insights into the Finnish job market and to broaden your network in Finland  
  • Possibility to join events with other mentor pairs where you can network and get tips from experts

 How do I apply for a mentor? 

  • The next application period for students is between 16-29 October 2023.

Updated 12.9.2023