Student Welfare

Student Welfare

The pupil’s well-being – our common concern

Student welfare is about supporting the individual pupil as well as working for a good school community. Cooperation with parents, experts and local networks is of utmost importance. Student welfare is cooperative work between professionals in different fields and it also includes school healthcare, school psychology and school welfare services. The school’s personnel carry the main responsibility for student welfare at the school.

If you, as guardian, want to discuss your child’s schooling, learning or well-being, contact the school’s teachers or student welfare workers at an early stage. The pupils have access to a psychologist, welfare officer, school nurse, school doctor and school dentist. The school’s personnel are also obliged to initiate measures concerning an individual pupil, if needed. An expert group may be assembled to map an individual pupil’s need of support and to arrange student welfare services.

Student welfare services


Nurse Johanna Rosendahl
Phone: 040 1933585

The school healthcare at Vasa Övningsskola is part of Vaasa Healthcare Centre. Together with parents and teachers, the school healthcare wants to support the pupils in their schooling and offer them a safe and stimulating growing environment.

The health check-ups in grades 1, 5 and 8 are more extensive than in the other grades, including both a nurse and a doctor. At these, it is desirable that the parents are/a parent is present.


School psychologist Emilia Kronqvist is available Mondays, Thuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Phone: 040 1933585

You can contact the psychologist if you need to talk to someone about your life situation in general or about something that concerns your school work.

School welfare officer

School welfare officer Camilla Ahlroth-Enlund is available every working day.
Phone: 040 5464348

You can contact the school welfare officer

  • if you are worried about the child’s/adolescent’s well-being (e.g. changes in behaviour, depression/low-spiritedness, anxiousness, acting out, lacking school motivation, level of ambition, eating disorders, physical training)
  • if the child/adolescent himself/herself wishes to speak to an adult outside the family
  • if the child/adolescent needs support due to changes in family or other circumstances
  • if the child/adolescent experiences conflicts among friends
  • if the child/adolescent cuts classes, refuses to go to school or is otherwise absent from school
  • if you need advice or support in your role as parent.

Dental care

School children in Vaasa are entitled to systematic, free-of-charge dental care until the age of 18. This means that the children are called to dental check-ups and care every second year. The dental clinics at the healthcare centre work all around the year, which means that the children are treated also during Christmas and summer holidays. If the need arises for emergency dental care, e.g. due to toothache, the dental care services can be contacted on phone number 06 325 2202.

The upper-secondary school pupils in Vaasa are called to dental check-up and care in the autumn of their first year at upper-secondary school. Thus, the treatment can be finished before the pupil turns 18. Pupils from other municipalities are entitled to emergency dental care at the dental clinics of Vaasa Healthcare Centre on the same conditions as those living in Vaasa. They should, however, contact the healthcare centre in their own municipality for the regular dental check-ups and care.

Preventive care plays an important role in dental care. Teaching the children healthy eating habits and good oral hygiene is important.

As the most important part of the dental healthcare takes place at home, it is very important that the parents encourage and help their children brush their teeth and take care of their oral hygiene. To achieve good oral health one should brush one’s teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and adhere to healthy and regular eating habits and a balanced diet. When thirsty, one should drink water.

Dental clinic for Vasa Övningsskola F-9

Sandviken’s tandklinik (dental clinic)
Sandviksgatan 6
Phone: 325 2202

Reception hours:
Mon-Thu 8-15
Fri 8-12

N.B. Persons over 15 years of age who do not notify the clinic about their being prevented from coming to a reserved dental appointment will be charged 50.80 euro (1.1.2018->).

Check-up schedule
Comprehensive school children in Vaasa are called to annual check-ups of mouth and teeth by an individual letter which is sent to their home as follows:

Grade 1, autumn
Grade 3, spring
Grade 5, autumn
Grade 8, spring

If a pupil’s dental and oral health so requires, he/she will be called to the clinic also between the above-mentioned check-ups. When necessary, one may also contact the clinic oneself.

Transport to the dental clinic
As the oral healthcare belongs to the school healthcare, the oral and dental care mostly takes place during school hours. It is desirable that especially primary school pupils’ parents attend the check-up occasions. Thus, the children’s oral health also becomes known to the parents. The parents are responsible for transports to and from the dental clinic that take place during school hours. If the child comes to the clinic alone, it is important that the parents take responsibility for traffic safety on the way to and from the clinic.

Dental care fees
Dental care is free of charge for under-18-year-olds. Others are charged according to the decree on fees chargeable by the Finnish Medicines Agency. Over 15-year-old persons who have not cancelled an appointment will be charged 50.80 euro.

Emergency dental care
On working days, appointments are made at the emergency dental service, phone number 06 325 2202, Monday-Thursday at 8-16, Friday at 8-15.

Weekend emergency dental service is available at Vaasa Central Hospital (Sandviksgatan 2-4), at 10-12. No appointment is needed and patients are treated in the order of arrival. More information about the emergency service is available in the daily newspapers (Pohjalainen and Vasabladet) and in the City of Vaasa web pages at

Home dental care
To maintain good oral health, the most important thing is to brush one’s teeth with flouride toothpaste twice a day and avoid eating snacks. Parents should preferably control their children’s tooth brushing, at least before bed time.

More information about the dental care services is available on the internet:
06 325 2202

Updated 21.10.2020