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Individual arrangements during enctrance examinations

Individual arrangements during enctrance examinations

Åbo Akademi University seeks to organize the education to make it accessible for people with different kinds of disabilities by considering physical accessibility, psychological disabilities, social accessibility and reading and writing difficulties. Students are able to have individual arrangements, for example during exams. They can also get support with learning, study techniques, time management, stress management and with reading difficulties. The support is decided together with the faculty’s accessibility advisors.

Application for individual arrangements during entrance examinations and language tests

During the application period, you have the possibility to make individual arrangements for the entrance exam. If you need individual arrangements due to a disability for a language- or entrance exam (e.g. more time, assistive tools, taking the exam in a more secluded area), it is important for you to send us the application for individual arrangements.

The form for applying for individual arrangements can be found here

Enclosures for the application

In your application, you need to include copies of the documents you are referring to when applying for individual arrangements. In the certificate on your disability/special needs it must be stated what recommended accommodations you need in order to complete the exam. Åbo Akademi University also accepts a corresponding decision from the Studentexamensnämnden, where the approved accommodations are stated.

How long the certificate is valid depends on the disability. Certificates on dyslexia are considered if they are issued at the age of 16 or later.

Please do not send us the original copies of the documents. However, be prepared to show them when you are starting your studies if you are admitted to the program and want to apply for individual arrangements during your studies.

Entrance exams – collaborations with other universities

Please note that some entrance exams are arranged in collaboration with other universities and you need to read the information for these collaborations. If you are taking part in one of these entrance examinations, read the information from the following links (please note that the information in some cases only are available in Swedish):

Send in your application to Åbo Akademi University

Submit in your electronic application with enclosures  by 3.4.2024 at 15:00 Helsinki time.

If you fill out the paper form or submits paper enclosures, send them to:

Åbo Akademi University
Tavastgatan 13
20500 Åbo
e-mail: studinfo@abo.fi

Applications that are sent in after the deadline will only be considered when the need for individual arrangements arises after April 3, 2024. If your need for individual arrangements arises after the application period, you need to send in your application for individual arrangements with enclosures as soon as you have received the certificates.

Åbo Akademi University processes indvidual arrangements for entrance examinations and contacts you

Åbo Akademi University will process your application for individual arrangements individually and will contact you well in time before the exam to agree upon the individual arrangements per either email or post. If you are dissatisfied with the arrangements, please contact us.

The decision about individual arrangements is separate for every programme you apply to and is only valid for the specific entrance exam. If you get admitted you can at the start of the semester contact the accessibility advisor at your faculty in order to get help with individual arrangements during your studies.

Updated 14.11.2023