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Accessibility in studies

Wherever possible, Åbo Akademi University tries to arrange the teaching so that it is suitable for people with special needs, both regarding physical accessibility, psychological challenges, social accessibility and dyslectic difficulties. Should you have a special need that would require special arrangements at the study facilities, we recommend you to be in contact already during the application period (studinfo@abo.fi, tfn 02-215 4169) for a discussion and assessment. It is in the interest of both the university and the applicant that these needs are reported at an early point. For individual arrangement regarding the entrance exam it is also important that special needs are reported early. If you have a certificate of dyslexia that you wish be taken into account, please be in contact before the event.

Should you be admitted for studies at Åbo Akademi University and should you wish for your special need to be taken into account during your studies, you should bring a certificate of the special need to your accessability advisor who would assist regarding support services such as:

  • longer examinations
  • alternative examination forms
  • longer library loans
  • right to use supporting technical equipment at hand

Åbo Akademi University also offers support in matters regarding learning, study techniques, time management, stress management, reading and writing difficulties as well as other special needs. The following can be mentioned:

  • the study psychologist office
  • guidance regarding technical support equipment for students with special needs

Special library Celia

Celia produces and distributes literature in accessible formats, such as talking books and braille books, together with public libraries and publishers. In addition to fiction and non-fiction, Celia also produces and distributes textbooks in accessible formats to all educational levels. Read more about Celia here.

Should you wish to register as a user at the Celia library, you should contact Åbo Akademi University library (biblioteket@abo.fi).

Updated 30.3.2021