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Apply to Åbo Akademi University

Apply to Åbo Akademi University

The world around us is changing at an ever-faster pace, and digitalization is changing the type of jobs available in the future. Fortunately, are exciting expert tasks remaining on the labor market that require human creativity and problem-solving skills. For these upcoming opportunities in working life, university studies at Åbo Akademi University offer an excellent academic foundation to stand on. With us, you learn to develop your analytical and critical thinking, which in the future gives you the opportunity to take on more demanding tasks that often also bring higher pay.

University studies can take many different forms with both theoretical and practical elements, but above all they combine personal responsibility with great freedom. At Åbo Akademi University your lecturers are experts in the fields they teach, and the teaching is based on the latest scientific research. Through language studies, exchange semesters and Åbo Akademi’s international environment, you will also be ready to face an increasingly global labor market.

Take the first step in following your career dreams and come and study with us at Åbo Akademi!

Updated 14.9.2023