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JOO Flexible Study Right

JOO flexible study right regards the opportunity for graduate and post-graduate students of Finnish universities to include courses or minor subjects from other Finnish universities into their degrees.

The flexible study right gives you the opportunity:

  • to include suitable courses or minor subjects from other universities into your degree
  • to have the benefit of experts and specialties at other universities


Student access to the JOOPAS-portal ends by 31.12.2021

By the 31st of December 2021, the access to the JOOPAS-portal will close for students. The whole JOO-system will be replaced by a new system, called Cross-Institutional Studies, which will operate in your own Peppi, during the spring of 2022 but according to a national agreement between the universities in Finland, the JOOPAS-portal closes at 31.12.2021. This means that all applications for JOO-study rights for courses during spring 2022 needs to be applied for no later than the 31st of December 2021! The staff working with the applications will have access to the portal another few week in order to process every application sent in, but afterwards the system will be shut down completely.

During the spring of 2022, we will inform you further about the Cross-Institutional Studies module before it is implemented in Peppi.

Updated 22.11.2021