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Exchange students

Are you planning an exchange period at Åbo Akademi University? On these pages you can find information about how to apply for exchange studies, the subjects we offer for exchange students, as well as information for those currently enrolled as exchange students at Åbo Akademi University.

We accept exchange students on our two main campuses in Åbo (Turku) and in Vasa. By using the 360 degree picture service offered by the city of Åbo (Turku) you can take a look at our campus area and the city, both in the summer time and in the winter time.

Our subjects are divided into 4 faculties; of which 3 are in Åbo and 1 in Vasa.

Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology (Åbo) Faculty of Science and Engineering (Åbo)
– Art History
– Comparative Literature
– Comparative Religion
– Gender Studies
– History
– Musicology
– Nordic Ethnology
– Nordic Folkloristics
– Philosophy
– Logopedics
– Psychology
– Biochemistry
– Bioscience, specialisation in pharmacy
– Cell and Molecular Bioscience
– Cell Biology
– Environmental and Marine BiologyNATURAL SCIENCES
– Chemistry
– Geology and Mineralogy
– Mathematics
– Physics
– English Language and Literature
– French Language and Literature
– German Language and Literature
– Russian Language and Literature
– Finnish Language
– Swedish LanguageWe offer basic courses in Swedish and in Finnish for exchange students/foreigners.
– Analytical Chemistry
– Process Design and Systems Engineering
– Energy Technology
– Fibre and Cellulose Technology
– Physical Chemistry
– Industrial Management
– Materials Technology
– Inorganic Chemistry
– Organic Chemistry
– Paper Coating and Converting
– Process Chemistry
– Process Control
– Industrial Chemistry and
– Reaction Engineering
– Polymer Technology
– Wood and Paper Chemistry
– Thermal and Flow Engineering
– Practical Theology
– Church History
– New Testament Exegetics
– Old Testament Exegetic and Judaic Studies
– Dogmatics
– Theological Ethics and Philosophy
of Religion
– Computer Engineering
– Computer Science
Additional international master’s programme
– Social Exclusion MSc.
Additional international master’s programmes:
– Biomedical Imaging, MSc
– Chemical Engineering, MSc (Tech.)
– Information Technology, MSc (Tech.)
or MSc
Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics (Åbo) Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies (Vasa)
– Political Science
– Public Administration
– Sociology
– Information Studies
– Health Sciences
– Social Sciences
– Political sciences
– International Law and Human Rights
– Commercial and Maritime Law
– Public law
– Private law
– General and Adult Education
– Pre-school Teachers
– Class teachers
– Special Education Teachers
– Subject Teachers
– Accounting
– Economics
– Information Systems
– International Marketing
– Organisation and Management
Additional international master’s programmes:
– Governance of Digitalization, MSSc
– International Human Rights Law, MSSc.
Additional international master’s programmes
– Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research, MSSc


You mostly learn by really working on the topic. I think this practice-oriented way to approach IT is very smart here. Nathan Brachotte

Updated 10.2.2020