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Exchange students

Exchange students

Exchange Studies at Åbo Akademi University

Are you planning an exchange period at Åbo Akademi University? On these pages you can find information about:
  • How to apply for exchange studies with us
  • The subjects we offer for exchange students
  • Housing and living in Finland
  • Orientation week and tutors
  • Information for those currently enrolled as exchange students at Åbo Akademi University
  • And lots more…
Semester dates for the academic year 2023-2024
Autumn 2023 semester
  • Orientation Week – 28.08.2023 – 01.09.2023
  • Classes begin – 04.09.2023
  • Classes end – 22.12.2023
Spring 2024 semester
  • Orientation Week – 02.01.2024 – 05.01.2024
  • Classes begin – 08.01.2024
  • Classes end – 24.05.2024

We accept exchange students to our two main campuses in Åbo (Turku) and in Vasa (Vaasa). Our subjects are divided into 4 faculties; of which 3 are in Åbo and 1 in Vasa.

By using the 360 degree picture service offered by the city of Åbo (Turku) you can take a look at our campus area and the city, both in the summer and in the winter time.


Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator

CG SEN, Central and Latin America

Outgoing Erasmus+ students

Harriet Klåvus


+358 46 9216 130

Bilateral agreements with Africa, Asia and Australia

Incoming students (Åbo campus)

Astrid Kalland


+358 50 5922 839


Bilateral agreements with North America, ISEP, BCI

Incoming students (Vasa campus)                                                                       

Katie Fagerström


+358 50 3106 473

Inter-Institutional Agreements in EWP
Incoming & outgoing BIP students
Sara Joas


+358 50 4653 965


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Updated 22.9.2023