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Support for students regarding harassment

Harassment violates the individual’s right to personal freedom and integrity, as well as creates a threatening, violent, humiliating and aggressive atmosphere. Harassment can be defined as unwelcome, unwanted and one-sided physical or verbal behaviour towards someone for whom the impact always is negative. What is viewed as harassment, depends on the own perception of the one who is subjected to unwanted behaviour. Bullying refers to repeated violation of a person, while harassment often refers to particular situations.

Åbo Akademi University works to prevent any kind of harassment, discrimination and bullying. Harassment has a negative impact on the studies, decreases motivation and can destroy the community. Serious harrasment can lead to heath issues, sick leaves, postpoing of studies and even to a need to change university.

Åbo Akademi does not accept any kind of harassment, discrimination or bullying within the university, and protects those who report it.

Contact persons for students at ÅAU in cases of harassment:

Coordinator Jan Kraufvelin (jan.kraufvelin@abo.fi, +358 505365886)
Coordinator Anita Sundman  (anita.sundman@abo.fi, +358 505489505)

Contact persons at the Student Union in cases of harassment:

The Students’ Rights Expert Petra Lindblad
The Service Expert Sandra Häggkvist
E-mail: trakasseri@studentkaren.fi

Updated 22.6.2022