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JOO flexible study right – instructions for students from other universities

JOO flexible study right – instructions for students from other universities

In order for you to be granted a JOO flexible study right you need to already have a study right at a Finnish university or university of applied sciences, and be enrolled as present for the academic year. You cannot be granted a JOO study right for the whole year, if you are enrolled only for the autumn- or spring semester.

Applications for JOO flexible study right is processed year round, but please apply well before the course you want to take starts.

The JOOPAS-portal closed 31 December 2021 following a joint national decision between the Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences. Below you find instructions on how to apply for JOO study right until the new system with Cross-Institutional Studies is ready for use.

JOO flexible study right between UTU and ÅAU.

Apply for JOO study right between ÅAU and UTU via this online form. When you have submitted your application it needs to be approved by both ÅAU and UTU before you can be granted the study right.

If you already have a JOO study right with enough study time or if you have an automatic JOO study right, you can enroll by contacting studinfo@abo.fi.

JOO flexible study right between other univerisities and ÅAU.

Applications for JOO study right from other universities to Åbo Akademi University is done via paper form for the time being. Your own universities’ administration can help you with the application, so be in contact with them.

Important information when you have been granted JOO study right at Åbo Akademi University

When you have been granted JOO flexible study right at Åbo Akademi University and have been informed about the decision through the JOO system, you will within a week receive an email with some information including a link to this page.

Åbo Akademi University username and password

You activate your username and password by logging into Selfservice. It generally takes 24 hours after you have been registered before you can activate your username. More directions regarding this can be found in Selfservice and the page with information on activation of computer rights.

In order to activate your username electronically, you need Finnish bankcodes, an electronic ID card or a mobile certificate. You do not have to visit the Helpdesk for the activation. Should you have problems, or should you not have Finnish bank codes, please go to Helpdesk which is located in the ASA building in Åbo/Turku at Fänriksgatan 3 B, ground floor. The Helpdesk can be reached by telephone (02) 215 4777. E-mail address helpdesk@abo.fi. In Vasa/Vaasa the Helpdesk is located in Academill at floor B3.

The username should be used:
– to log into intranet (for more study related information such as the faculties’ examination dates, writing guides for students etc.)
– to log into student.abo.fi (course information, completed studies, course registration etc.)

Study right number

All students registered at Åbo Akademi University have individual study entitlement numbers. Previously registered students used to have individual student numbers, but they have been included in the study right number. The study right number should always be used in course examinations in order for the study credits to be registered.

The individual study entitlement number can be found in student.abo.fi by clicking on “study records” or “profile”. It may be in the form 45217-282-2017 for older study entitlements, or 1801690 for newer. If your study right number is in the old format, you only need to use the first 5 numbers.

Course information, course registration and completed courses:

  1. The course information can be found in the study guide and in the study tool (please note: it might take up to a week before the activated username works in the study tool)
  2. Course registration is done in student.abo.fi
  3. Information on how to use the tools can be found here (login required)

Joo students granted the right to take courses at Åbo Akademi University attend the teaching and examination of the course(s) according to the same regulations as the university’s regular degree students. Identification should be brought to the examination.

JOO-students at ÅAU have access to the same library resources as ÅAU degree students.

How to get the study attainments registered at your home university:

Having passed the course/courses at Åbo Akademi University and want the study credits transferred to your home university, you should first check which the process is at your home university. Students at the University of Turku need to apply to have their credits transferred via the process outlined on the UTU intranet.

Should you need an official transcript of records from Åbo Akademi University, it can in Åbo be obtained from the faculty offices, the student office in Gripen or by ordering them by email from studinfo@abo.fi.

Updated 10.10.2023