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JOO flexible study right for exchange students

JOO flexible study right for exchange students

University of Turku – courses at UTU and students from UTU

If you wish to take courses at University of Turku as an ÅAU student, or vice versa, please follow these steps:

Application for JOO-flexible study right

1. Select “Exchange studies in Turku” and click on Åbo Akademi University below.

2. You will be asked to log in using your Åbo Akademi University usename and password (Haka-login)

3. When logged in you should click on New application on the right side

4. Fill in Applicant information (note that you have to click “save” after each section in the form)

5. Fill in Study information
– most fields are required, but do not put too much time on the answers. Rough estimations are okay.
– answer the questions based on the situation with your studies at your home university
– note that it is important that you choose “Yes” when asked whether you are an exchange student

6. Fill in Study rights applied for (choose faculty under the University of Turku and write the names of the courses and other information required – you should add a new field for all courses you want to include)

7. Attachments – add your transcript of records from your home university

8. Further information – no further information required in this case unless you want to add something yourself

9. Send the application: click on Confirm sending the application

You will be informed by email regarding the status of this application. if everything is approved, you will be contacted by the University of Turku regarding their processes (how to activate your University of Turku username and password for course registration in Peppi, how you find out your student number there etc.)

If you have questions about the courses, please contact the teacher or the departmental contact person in question.

Updated 6.11.2020