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JOO flexible study right – instructions for students at Åbo Akademi University

Who can apply?
Students completing their graduate or postgraduate degree in a Finnish university can apply for the flexible study right. In addition, also exchange students can apply for JOO study right, however, only at the University of Turku. You must be enrolled as present at your home university at the time of applying and be pre-approved for the courses.

How do I apply?
Should you wish to take part in courses or larger study periods at other universities, you apply for flexible study right through the JOO application system. First your home university (Åbo Akademi) has to approve your application. If your application has been approved at your home university, it will be sent to the university where you plan to take the course(s). There your application is processed again and is approved/not approved. In order to apply for flexible study rights via JOO you need to fill in an application form. For the application form and further information please go to JOOPAS . You will be informed about the status of your application by email.

Please note, that from April 12th 2019 access to JOOPAS is limited to Finland.

Special arrangement:
From the academic year 2017-2018, all students in certain study programmes automatically receive JOO flexible study at the University of Turku right for courses in their main subject, which are included in their study plan. This regards the following programmes:
– Biomedical Imaging
– IT – all study programmes
– Geology
– Physics

The home university pays 50 euros/study credit to the university where the studies are conducted. However, Åbo Akademi University has agreements with some universities. Depending on the agreement, in some cases the studies at the other university are free of charge. In both cases it is obligatory to fill in a JOO application and the application has to be approved.

Updated 19.10.2021