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Cell and Molecular Bioscience

Major subject – Cell and Molecular Bioscience

It is a revolutionary time for biology, medicine and biochemistry. In Cell and Molecular Bioscience, you will learn how cells live and why they die, about cell lifecycles and behaviour, and how tissues and organs are formed. You will also learn about the key biomolecules of cells and how they work together to build structures and organelles in cells as well as how they provide cells with energy. When you understand how cells and molecules function, you will also understand how humans and other organisms function. You will gain an understanding of how our DNA is formed, how genes are inherited, how disturbances in cell function can develop into various types of diseases and how cellular processes and control mechanisms can be be used in pharmacological product development and diagnostics.

Studies in Cell and Molecular Bioscience are multifaceted, including both theoretical and practical elements. In addition to your major subject studies, you will study Chemistry as a short minor subject and can also choose elective courses according to your own interests. If desired, you can even choose to become a subject teacher in Biology and study Pedagogy and another long teaching subject (usually Chemistry or Geography). Other students can study parts of the course offering within Cell and Molecular Bioscience as a minor subject.


Research on both cell biology and biochemistry is conducted at Åbo Akademi University. You can find more information under each major subject.

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