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120 ECTS / 2 years





Apply time

16.3 - 30.3.2022 (deadline 15.00 Helsinki-time)

Master's Programme in Biosciences

Through research and practical application, a bioscientist can save human and animal lives, develop new cures for diseases or come up with methods and products to save the world’s maritime regions. Biosciences deal with understanding and applying information on the smallest constituent parts of the human body as well as changes in nature and the environment: molecules and cells, biochemical processes, genetics, organisms, evolution, ecology and environmental issues. You will gain cutting-edge knowledge by deepening your understanding of, for example, physiology, DNA or the fascinating cellular processes and mechanisms of the human body.

You can be admitted to the main subjects Cell biology and Biochemistry without knowledge of Swedish. Knowledge of English is then required. Knowledge of Swedish is required for admittance into the main subject Environmental and Marine Biology. The studies consist of advanced courses within your main subject, where both theory and practical lab work play important parts. Additionally, optional courses allow you to focus on the themes you find interesting. Cell biology and Biochemistry are part of the Scientia Aboensis-collaboration Molecular Cell Biology. The Scientia Aboensis-collaboration allows you to participate in courses offered by the University of Turku as well as Åbo Akademi University. 

Admission requirements

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The application is open 16.3 – 30.3.2022 (deadline 15.00 Helsinki-time).


Studu guide for the master's programme in biosciences

Student Handbook

Career opportunities

Upon earning your Master’s degree, you can make a difference for both humankind and nature as well as raise consciousness on environmental issues. Researcher, doctoral student, project adviser, production chemist, R&D director, nature conservation biologist, environmental inspector and biology teacher are just a few of the titles earned by graduates of our Master’s programme. Many work in research (university), teaching (universities of applied sciences, comprehensive schools), R&D (pharmaceutical and chemical industry, shipbuilding) and health care management (state and municipal oversight, health care sector, hospitals, EU). As an expert with a higher education degree, you will be able to explore the smallest details toward finding the best solutions. Be part of a groundbreaking field!

Bonus: Åbo Akademi University also offers interesting career opportunities in research for dedicated bioscientists.

Cell biology opens the doors to an organized world on a molecular level, that never ceases to amaze us. Vilma Pollari

Vilma Pollari.

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