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Steering Group 2023-2026

Steering Group 2023-2026

Operations in the profiling area are led by the profiling leader responsible for profiling and development of research within the area. In support of the leader there is a steering group with representatives of all faculties included in the research profile.

The Rector of Åbo Akademi University has appointed the leader of the profiling area for a period of three years from 1st June 2023. The Vice Rector of Åbo Akademi University has appointed the members of the steering group for the period of 1.7.2023-31.5.2026.

Members of the Steering group:

Professor Jessica Rosenholm (Pharmacy) –  leader
Senior University Lecturer Annika Meinander – FNT/ Biosciences
Project Researcher Daniel Ventus – FPV/ Experience Lab, also representantive of Vaasa
Professor Edvard Johansson – FSEJ/ Health Economics
Professor Patrik Jern – FHPT/ Psyhcology
Professor Cecilia Sahlgren – The InFLAMES Flagship, also representantive of EU consortium and infrastructure
Senior University Lecturer Tiina Saloranta-Simell – Profiling Area Technologies for a Sustainable Future


Updated 1.9.2023