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Process and Systems Engineering – research and personnel

Process and Systems Engineering – research and personnel

The Laboratory of Process and Systems Engineering is focusing on process development, process modelling, process optimization and process simulation. The models are developed both for static and dynamics systems. The dynamic models are especially used for process control applications. The model spans from detailed microscale models to models on macro or system scale.

Energy distribution, energy storage, novel energy systems based on sustainable energy sources and CCS are of particular interest. The research is of great relevance to a large number of industries, including the pulp and paper, metallurgical, food and pharmaceutical sector.


Research Personnel

Frej Bjondahl, University Teacher in Process Design
Research profile and publications

Anders Brink, Professor in Process Technology, Head of Subject
Research profile and publications

Jari Böling, Senior Lecturer in Process Control, Docent in Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems
Research profile and publications

Frank Pettersson, Senior Lecturer in Heat Engineering, Docent i Modeling, Simulation and Optimizatrion of Systems of Process Technology
Research profile and publications

Henrik Saxén, Professor in Heat Engineering, Head of Subject Cluster
Research profile and publications

Ron Zevenhoven, Professor in Engineering Thermodynamics and Modeling
Research profile and publications


Researchers and Doctoral Students

Alice Bittante, Doctoral Student, Thermal Engineering

Rickard Erlund, Doctoral Student, Thermal Engineering

Carl Haikarainen, Doctoral Student, Energy Systems Optimization

Mikko Helle, Project Researcher, FiTech

Kurt-Erik Häggblom, Professor Emeritus in Process Control

Kaj Jansson, Doctoral Student, Process and Systems Engineering

Carolyn Joko, Doctoral Student, Cell Biology, Thermal Engineering

Umara Khan, Doctoral Student, Thermal Engineering

Hao Liu, Researcher, Thermial Engineering

Weiqiang Liu
, Doctoral Student, Thermal Engineering

Andreas Lundell, Docent in Applied Mathematics, Researcher in Process System Technology (IT)

Mikael Manngård, Doctoral Student, Process Control

Debanga Mondal, Doctoral Student. Thermal Engineering

Jeffery Omorodion, Doctoral Student, Thermal Engineering

Mauricio Roche, Doctoral Student, Thermal Engineering

Ida Rönnlund, Doctoral Student, Process Design and Systems Engineering

Amir Shirdel, Doctoral Student, Process Control

Hannu T. Toivonen, Professor Emeritus in Process Control & IT

Tapio Westerlund, Professor Emeritus in Process Design, Docent in Mathematics with Technical Applications


Jarl Ahlbeck, Docent in Environmental Engineering

Carl-Gustav Berg, Docent in Process Design with Heat and Mass Transfer Applications

Abhay Bulsari, Docent in Artificial Intelligence in Process Engineering

Nirupam Chakraborti, Docent in Soft Computing in Materials Science and Engineering

Cataldo De Blasio, Docent in Process Design with Environmental Engineering Applications

Tom Fredman, Docent in Mathematical Modeling of Heat Conduction Processes with Industrial Applications

Tore K. Gustafsson, Docent in Process Control

Leif Hammarström, Docent in Process Control

Iiro Harjunkoski, Docent i Process Systems Engineering

Markku Karlsson, Docent in Drying Technology

Nenad Milosavljevic, Docent in Drying and Energy Utilization in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Pertti Mäkilä, Docent in Process Control

Lars Nyström, Docent i Process Engineering

Tor-Martin Tveit, Docent in Technology of Energy Systems

Chuan Wang, Docent in Sustainable Iron and Steel Making

Joakim Westerlund, Docent in Process Design with Applications in Production Economics

Updated 18.11.2020