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Polymer Technology – research and researchers

Polymer Technology – research and researchers

Polymers are fundamental to major industries involved in the production of plastics, fibers, rubber and elastomers, engineering composites, coatings, adhesives and films. Interests in high tech applications of polymers e.g., utilization of their electrical and optical properties as well as biomaterials, are rapidly growing.

The research activities at Polymer Technology reflect the national and international growth of the polymer field. These activities cover a spectrum of macromolecular science including monomer synthesis, organometallic synthesis (catalysts), polymerization, physical characterization, aging, polymer processing, mechanical behaviour and analysis, and new materials development.

Polymer Technology is producing and developing starting materials for different technical plastics and fibers.

The research is focused on i.a. the following topics, some of which are considering environmental aspects:

  • reparation methods for taylor made starting materials for technical plastics utilized in demanding environments
  • biomaterials i.a. for surgical needs and drug delivery
  • non-poisonous flame retardants for plastic materials
  • ion-conducting materials


Research staff

Carl-Eric Wilén, Professor
Research profile

Teija Tirri, Laboratory Engineer
Research profile


Researchers and Doctoral Students

Yury Brusentsev, Project Researcher
Research profile

Ana Carolina Mendez Ecoscia, Project Researcher
Research Profile

Amira Mountassir, Doctoral Student
Research profile

Peter Uppstu, Doctoral Student
Research profile

Timo Ääritalo, Doctoral Student
Research profile

Updated 13.10.2023