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Organic Chemistry – research and researchers

Organic Chemistry – research and researchers

Research at Organic Chemistry can in rough outline be divided in two directions: organic synthesis and analysis. Topical interests in the synthesis direction are stereoselective synthesis and catalysis, carbohydrate chemistry and natural product chemistry.

Organic chemical analysis at our laboratory implies principally environmental analytics. We are especially interested in the occurrence of pharmaceutical residues in the environment


Research staff


Professor Reko Leino

Senior Lecturer Patrik Eklund, docent in organic synthesis and natural product chemistry

Senior Lecturer Tiina Saloranta-Simell, docent in applied organic chemistry

Universitety Teacher Jan-Erik Lönnqvist


Laboratory Manager Teija Tirri


Researchers and Doctoral Students

Dmitrii Riabukhin, Post-doctoral Researcher
Risto Savela, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Jani Rahkila, Laborator (Instrument Centre)

Robert Lassfolk, Doctoral Student
Ewelina Kortesmäki, Doctoral Student
Matilda Kråkström, Doctoral Student
Lucas Lagerquist, Doctoral Student
Ida Mattsson, Doctoral Student
Sabine Rendon, Doctoral Student
Patrik Runeberg, Doctoral Student
Atefeh Saadabadi, Doctoral Student

Aino Visuri, NaK


Filip Ekholm, docent in carbohydrate chemistry and applied NMR-spektroscopy
Ari Rosling, docent in bio-macro-molecular chemistry and biomedical applications
Annika Smeds, docent in organic environmental and bioanalytics

Peter Backlund, docent in environmental chemistry
Lars Jalander, docent in organic chemistry
Leif Kronberg, docent in organic chemistr and environmental chemistry
Maaret Kulovaara, docent in organic environmental chemistry
Rainer Sjöholm, FD, docent in organic chemistry

Professor emeritus Jorma Mattinen

Updated 16.1.2020