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Husö Biological Station – Research at the station

Husö Biological Station – Research at the station

Information for you who intend to do research or work on Husö


If you are interested in doing research on Husö, we are happy to answer questions. Please, notify the Head of the station (masnicka@abo.fi) or the Station manager (tonycede@abo.fi) well in advance of your Husö visit about your plans (time at the station, need in terms of equipment, chemicals, etc.). More detailed instructions regarding registration and booking of equipment can be obtained from the Head of the station and the Station manager.

Research facilities and equipment

There are different types of equipment meant for different kinds of purposes available at Husö. All use of equipment has to be agreed by the head of the station or the station manager prior to use. For booking of equipment and more information about the equipment, please contact the station manager or the head of the station. A list of available equipment can be downloaded here.

The long-time series of the marine conditions in the area are summarized (in Swedish) in the report here.


When you arrive at Husö, remember to bring with you these personal belongings, if possible:

  • Towels and bed linen (duvets, duvet covers and sheets. Sleeping bags are NOT allowed). If you forget to bring bed linen, you can rent a set at the station for a small fee
  • Slippers or comparable indoor shoes (for work in the lab)


Arrival at Husö

Plan your arrival at the station so that it takes place on weekdays between 9-17. For interns and project workers, the first transport to the station and the last transport from the station is free of charge. Other transports with the station’s cars can be arranged for a fee. There are no bus connections all the way to the station.

The adress of Husö is:
Bergövägen 713
22220 Emkarby
phone: +358 (0)18 37 310
e-mail: huso@abo.fi

Husö is in the middle of mainland Åland in the Finström municipality. You can travel to Åland by ferry and flight from both the Finnish mainland and Sweden. For timetables / departures see:


Meals at the station

Lunch and dinner are served at the station during Monday-Thursday to a self-cost price. On Fridays only lunch is served. You will have to arrange breakfast yourself. Notify the station manager (tonycede@abo.fi) in advance which meals you wish to eat during your first week at the station (do not forget to report any allergies and / or diets). The station manager will give you food bills at 3-4 week intervals.

All buildings have kitchens that you can use. In connection to the kitchens, there are also refrigerators and freezers where food items can be stored. In some of our rooms are equipped with a refrigerator.

We recommend you stop at a grocery store to stock up on items for breakfast (and field lunch), before coming out to Husö for the first time. From Husö it is about half an hour by car to the nearest grocery store.



Accommodation takes place in private rooms as far as possible. The station has a very limited number of rooms, and it is a good idea to keep in mind that one may at least occasionally have to share a room with someone.



There is a washing machine that you can use for a small fee (includes detergent).


Notdragningpå Husö biologiska station.

Studenter på fältkurs på Husö biologiska station.

Updated 24.4.2021