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Husö Biological Station

Husö Biological Station


Husö biological station - buildings with a field of wood anemones and leafless trees in the foreground

Husö biological station belongs to the Envionmental och Marine Biology at Åbo Akademi University. The station is situated in Finström on the Åland Islands in SW Finland. The station functions as the base for aquatic studies, but also botanical, mycological and entomological studies are conducted. The station provides space and equipment for experimental aquatic ecology, laboratory analysis, biological sampling as well as field investigations of coastal areas and lakes.

Husö biological station is part of the network for  Finnish Research Stations

Husö is also part of the Finnish Marine Research Infrastructure  FINMARI

Contact Information

Address: Husö biological station
Bergövägen 713
AX-22220 Emkarby
Åland Islands
Logo of Husö Biological Station (green)
Phone:+358-18-37310 Fax:+358-18-37244
Email: huso@abo.fi
If you want to download
the logo, please do so here: Husologo [jpg] 271k
Road to Husö Biological Station

Driving directions

Driving directions from Västra hamnen (the Western harbour where most of the ferries arrive): From the harbour drive along “Storagatan” until you reach “Västra Utfarten” and follow the sea shore until You come to a roundabout where you should drive towards Godby. Follow the main road for about 8 km and turn to the left at the sign of Eckerö, Näsby, Gölby, Andersböle. Follow the road to the right and after 1 km turn to the left towards Emkarby, Eckerö, Näfsby. Drive about 6 km until the turn of Svartsmara, Pålsböle, and drive to the right. Drive 2.2 km and turn to the left at Bamböle, Bergö. Drive along the road for about 7 km (over the bank) and turn right at the sign of Husö biologiska station, and two mailboxes. Leave your car at the Parking space close to the big barn.


Here your can download and print the map and the driving directions Directions [pdf] 120k

Aerial photograpf of Husö Biological Station with woods and sea round about

Updated 11.3.2021