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Research infrastructure

Research infrastructure


The laboratory has basic equipment for sorting and analyzing samples after field season e.g. different types of microscopes, ovens for drying and burning, balances, hoods etc.

The laboratory in Aurum offers researchers access to equipment for genetic analyses (isolation of DNA/RNA, PCR, gel electrophoresis) and microbiological studies (ex. microscopical analyses). It is also possible to cultivate microalgae in temperature and light regulated conditions for experimental purposes.

Husö Biological Station

Husö Biological Station (HBS) offers space for scientists, students and field courses and provides infrastructure for experimental aquatic ecology, laboratory analyses (incl. Molecular), marine biological sampling of coastal waters as well as lakes in relative unaltered ecosystems of the Baltic Sea. The archipelago is vastly complex with high habitat diversity.

HBS facilitates long-term monitoring, coastal field studies, and experimental research. The station has a long tradition on application of scientific results in management, legislation, and societal purposes in co-operation with third sector bodies. The research at HBS centers on climate change and eutrophication effects on structure and function of key marine habitats, and communities and populations of coastal ecosystems.


HBS has motor boats (15-115 hp) and a near shore diving facility with sampling equipment such as water samplers, plankton nets, sediment corers and grabs, dredges, trawls, seines, gill nets, and handheld probes (CTD, oxygen etc).

HBS provide access to in- and outdoor experimental studies (c. 150 m2) with filtered/unfiltered  flow-through seawater (c. 5.5 psu) as well as possibilities for field experiments in diverse habitats. HBS has permission to conduct fishing with several methods and is certified to conduct experiments with fish. Long-term data is available for temperature, salinity, pH, nutrients, chlorophyll and benthic macrofauna, fish and macrophytes.

HBS is open for scientists all year round with most activity during open water season. We offer accommodation for up to 50 persons at a time, see homepage for more information and  list of available infrastructure.


Archipelago Centre Korpoström

Lodging: Under construction, we are 2022 renting a house for 6 people at walking distance from the centre

Laboratories: Processing lab (fish, benthos), dry lab (hood, owen, microscopes, scales, basic hydrography equipment (pH, Oxygen, salinity)

Boats: Rönnqvist 590 with 60 HP Suzuki, Buster with 40 HP Yamaha, Terhi 340 with 6 HP Mercury, MANE 1000 Trailer

Diving: Tanks (300 bar), regulators, compressor, some weights. Bring your personal diving gear.

Field sampling: Limnos, Ekman grab, sieves, plankton net, LI-COR light meter, HOBO loggers, 40 cages for cage experiments

Mesocosms and aquaria: 24 outdoor tanks (1000 l) with flow-through, 4 hydraulic, stainless wave tanks (1200 l) with flowthrough, covered outdoor aquaria (10-30 l) with flowthrough, 40 small (10 l) aquaria in temperature controlled room, 2 public aquaria outside the restaurant.


Updated 19.4.2022