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The research at Environmental and marine biology focuses mainly on coastal, marine ecosystems in the Baltic Sea. Our expertise spans a wide range of basic and applied research projects. Through international collaboration we are also involved in research outside the Baltic Sea, including the Arctic. Within our profiling area The Sea we work cross-disciplinary in close collaboration with society to solve wicked problems in the Baltic Sea.

We tackle research questions spanning  different spatial and temporal scales, and work also with behavioural and evolutionary ecology. The main emphasis of our basic research is on distribution, structure, function, change and stress responses of species, habitats and communities. Our research span the entire food web, from phytoplankton, macroalgae, seagrasses, benthic fauna and fish to terrestrial plants and seabirds.

Environmental and marine biology has a long tradition of combining field surveys and experimental work. Our field stations give us access to unique archipelago areas and offer excellent opportunities to work in aquariums and mesocosms. This infrastructure is partly funded by the FINMARI.

You can familiarize youreself with our areas of expertise and research groups down below.

Updated 13.4.2022