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Katri Aarnio, Research Amanuensis

  • Introduced species, benthic communities, meiofauna, euthrophicationBaltic Sea

​Phoebe Armitage, PhD Student

  • Benthic ecology, algae-fauna interactions, community ecology, ecosystem functioning, trait-based approaches, polar marine ecology, benthic-pelagic coupling, climate change

Jean-François Blanc, PhD Student

  • Benthic ecology, algae-Fauna interactions, community ecology, biogeography, ecosystem-based management 

Christoffer Boström, Associate Professor

  • Benthic community ecology, seagrass ecosystems, plant-animal interactions 
  • Experimental ecology, seascape ecology, art-science outreach

Tony Cederberg, Manager at Husö biological station 

  • Status of the coastal waters and lakes on Åland Islands, state of the Baltic Sea, monitoring data and long-term data sets from Åland Islands

Floriaan Eveleens Maarse, PhD Student

  • Coastal lagoons, submerged aquatic vegetation, community ecology, eutrophication, macrophyte-invertebrate interactions 

Viktor Finnäs, PhD Student

  • Otolith microchemistry, fish ecology, tracking of the migration and provenance of salmon fish in the Baltic Sea 

Betty Gubri, Research Assistant

  • Coastal ecology, shallow vegetated habitats, Blue Carbon research, ecosystem functioning

Heidi Herlevi, PhD Student 

  • Benthic ecology, community ecology, fish ecology, coastal ecosystems, non-native species, trophic interactions, structural and functional community change 

Ida Hermansson, PhD Student

  • Behavioural ecology, population dynamics, predator-prey interactions, adaptive mechanisms, ecology of birds and mammals, conservation biology 

Anna Ikonen, PhD Student

  • Phytoplankton, adaptation, climate change, eutrophication, Baltic Sea

Maïté P. Jacquot, PhD Student

  • Benthic ecology, community ecology, structural and functional ecology, trait-based approaches, ecosystem functioning, environmental stressors, anthropogenic disturbances

Andriana Koutsandrea, PhD Student

  • Global warming, eco-physiology, benthic pelagic coupling, pelagic grazers

Lucinda Kraufvelin, PhD Student

  • Global change, extreme events, environmental stressors, community ecology, food webs, experimental ecology 

Malla Lehtonen, Research assistant in the Centre for Sustainable Ocean Science

  • Interdisciplinarity / Interdisciplinary research
  • Art-science collaboration
  • Cultural history

Jolanda Linsén, PhD Student

  • Interdisciplinary research, Baltic Sea,  ecosystem services, human relationships to marine organisms, environmental governance, public participation, organizational structure

Kai Lindström, Professor 

  • Behavioural ecology, evolutionary ecology, sexual selection, population ecology 
  • The effect of habitat structure and disturbances on the mating system and sexual selection, female competition, parental care evolution, temperature and sexual selection 

Linus Lähteenmäki, PhD Student

  • Behavioural ecology, fish ecology, migration behaviour of salmonids, fish telemetry 

Bertille Mohring, PhD Student

  • Behavioural ecology, ecophysiology, predator-prey interactions, population ecology, life-history theory, wildlife conservation 

Marie Nordström, University Researcher

  • Food web ecology, community ecology, structural and functional community change, trophic interactions, trait-based approaches, global change 
  • Marine ecosystems, benthic ecosystems, coastal ecosystems, Arctic ecosystems 

Mikael von Numers, University Teacher

  • Island biogeography, species distribution patterns, long term changes among birds and plants, species distribution modelling, conservation biology

Christian Pansch-Hattich, Professor

  • Ocean Change and Stress ecology, Experimental Ecology, Ecophysiology, Benthic Community Ecology, Mesocosm approaches 
  • Mitigation of Global Stress by Local Measures (interdisciplinary approaches, The Sea)

Roxana Preston, Project Researcher

  • Population genetics, Marine ecology, Aquatic macroalgae, Biodiversity

Riikka Puntila-Dodd, Project Researcher

  • Marine ecology, ecosystem modelling, invasive species, Ecopath with Ecosim

Irma Puttonen, Project Researcher

  • Baltic Sea eutrophication, Marine biogeochemistry, Sediments, Benthic habitats

Henna Raitanen, PhD Student

  • Biodiversea LIFE IP, the Baltic Sea, biodiversity, algae, habitat restoration

Sarah Rühmkorff, PhD Student

  • Benthic soft-bottom ecology, seagrass ecosystem, climate change, extrem events (marine heat waves), experimental ecology, mesocosm approach, seagrass genotypic and phenotypic plasticity, genetic microsatellites analysis

Tiina Salo, Project Researcher

  • Stress ecology, species interactions, evolutionary ecology, traits, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning 
  • Marine ecosystems, benthic ecosystems, coastal ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems

Sonja Salovius-Laurén, University Researcher 

  • Benthic ecology, eutrophication and algal-invertebrate interactions 
  • Marine mapping, marine conservation and ecosystem-based management & maritime spatial planning

Conny Sjöqvist, Project Researcher​

  • Phytoplankton ecology, molecular ecology, genomics, transcriptomics, adaptation, population genetics/genomics, microbial interactions

Martin Snickars, Senior lecturer, head of Husö biological station

  • Fish ecology, shallow vegetated ecosystems, coastal lagoons and nursery areas 
  • Experimental ecology, coastal ecology 

Patrik Ståhl, PhD Student

  • Marine ecology, ecological networks, food webs, ekosystem modelling, Ecopath with Ecosim

Henri Sumelius, Project Researcher

  • Marine biodiversity, biodiversity change, nature loss, littoral ecosystems, coastal ecology
  • Fish ecology, population dynamics

Anna Törnroos-Remes, Associate Professor (tenure-track)

  • Functional ecology, benthic ecology, community ecology, trait-based approaches, seafloor disturbance 
  • Interdisciplinary studies focused on human-marine environment relationships, biodiversity and ecosystem services, socio-ecological challenges to marine and coastal management

Karl Weckström, Research Assistant

  • Marine conservation planning, epifauna communities​​​

Johanna Yliportimo, PhD Student

  • Sand goby, sexual selection, mating behavior, female reproduction

Markus Öst, University Lecturer

  • Behavioural ecology, population ecology, cognitive ecology, life-history evolution  
  • Predator-prey dynamics, social evolution, antipredator adaptations, wildlife conservation, environmental stressors, avian ecology 

Updated 21.2.2024