Participation and Collaboration

Participation and Collaboration

Student body work

The work of the student body is an important part of a democratic culture among children and adolescents. The purpose of the work within the student body is to arouse the pupils’ interest in developing their own school. The representatives serve as spokespersons for their own classes concerning current issues that are dealt with by the board of the student body.

At the school, the boards of the student body are divided into two sections, one for grades 1-6 and one for grades 7-9. Every class chooses a regular member and a substitute member to the board. The board of the student body in grades 7-9 has one representative in the Vaasa Youth Council. The boards of the student body have their own tutor teachers who support the board in its work.

Peer support

The aim of the peer support scheme in our school is to promote good comradeship, comfort and solidarity and to create a safe and pleasant school environment. The peer support scheme supports collaboration between pupils and teachers. In grades 7-9, the pupils volunteer for the task and receive training for the commitment. An important task for the pupils is to help future 7th graders become acquainted with the school. The peer supporters are supervised by a teacher.

Updated 3.3.2020