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Collaborate with The Sea

Collaborate with The Sea

Come join our Living Lab, together we find the solutions!

Collaborative work

Co-creation is a central part of our research methodology and work within The Sea. This means that we seek to engage, inform and consult with various stakeholders to find science-based solutions to our wicked marine problems. Our stakeholder community spans from public and private sectors to the ordinary citizen; government institutions, municipalities and cities, ocean-based businesses and maritime industry, scientific institutions and collaborators, policy makers, NGOs, foundations and other social groups.

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The work in The Sea centers around close collaboration, co-creation and dialog with various stakeholders of marine and maritime life. These span governmental bodies and institutions, small and large scale businesses, academic and research collaborators, policy makers and a broad set of social groups from the ordinary citizen to archipelago communities, urban residents, NGOs, foundations, managers, funding bodies

Collaborating with us in our Living Lab can mean that you work with us on a specific topic through one of our research projects, or that we together initiate work on a specific sea-related problem that is important for you.


Science advice to society

The Sea is also providing science-based, independent advice on marine and maritime-related issues, through e.g. statements, publications, presentations and meetings.


Join our Living Lab

If you are have a sea-related problem, seek science-based advice or are simply interested in joining our Living Lab, contact us!

Updated 1.9.2022