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Åbo Akademi University Scholarships for Students

The Åbo Akademi University Foundation and Åbo Akademi University hold a number of grant funds in trust; on a yearly basis scholarships are announced from these funds to students at Åbo Akademi University. Most of the scholarships come from funds that are held in trust by the ÅAU Foundation.

This year the application period will be during the autumn of 2023. Application will open on the 1st of September and close on the 15th of September. After that the decision process will start. More information in the scholarship guide.

The scholarships and the scholarship regulations are presented in the Scholarship Guide. The regulation for each scholarship has been stipulated according to the donator’s wishes. The guide can be found on the intranet and in the student offices during the application period (login required). In order to be eligible to apply for scholarships, one has to be a degree student at ÅAU and registered as present.

There are three scholarship categories:
  1. General scholarships
    – are open for application for all degree students on bachelor/master level
  2. Faculty scholarships
    – are open for application for students studying a specific subject or at a specific faculty in accordance with the scholarship regulations
  3. Special scholarships
    – have special stipulations e.g. regarding background, specialisation in studies or life situation

Bachelor and Master students: Online application form, instructions and a description of the scholarship process can be found here (login required).

Åbo Akademi University fund scholarships for doctoral students, researchers and employees (in some cases the same scholarship funds as for the bachelor’s and master’s students) are announced separately. Information and application form can be found here (login required).

Updated 7.9.2023