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Scholarship decisions autumn 2023

The scholarship applications have now been processed and the granting decisions are here. For all granted scholarships, information on name, faculty affiliation and scholarship amount is provided. Those who receive a) a scholarship that has required a medical certificate or equivalent or b) a scholarship that has been granted without application, are informed by email (the names are not published in the file below).The application period for Åbo Akademi University scholarships 2023 for students, doctoral students, researchers and employees was 1st of September to 15th of September.

In most cases, the scholarships are paid in November 2023 (30.11 as long as we have your correct bank details). In case the information (personal data, bank details) in the application form are incorrect, we will be in contact with you in order for the payment to take place. In these cases, the payment might take place later.

Scholarship granting decision autumn 2023

The PDF document is searchable, so by searching (e.g. Ctrl-F) you can easily find out if you have been granted a scholarship. Please note that one person may have received several scholarships.

Frequently asked questions

These answers primarily concern the scholarships in the category of Åbo Akademi University scholarships for students. Questions regarding scholarships for doctoral students and researchers should be directed directly to research services.

How are the scholarship recipients determined?

The primary criterion for scholarships is the amount of credits a student has received during the academic year 2022-2023 (i.e. both the autumn semester of 2022 and the spring semester of 2023). The applicants were ranked according to the amount of credits per these two semesters, in relation to the amount of semesters enrolled as present. Credits received in e.g. two different study entitlements were added together and included in the ranking.

When were the credits counted?

All data of applicants was gathered shortly after the application deadline, i.e. in September 2023. All credits done during the academic year of 2022-2023 were counted, as long as they were marked as done during that time, even though they were registered afterwards.

How are the different sums received determined?

The payable sum of a scholarship is determined by the yield of the scholarship fund, and therefor varies from year to year. How large sums one applicant may receive is in general determined by primarily the following factors:

  • The total sum of the scholarship
  • How many applicants have applied for that specific scholarship and filled the scholarship’s criteria
  • If an applicant also receives other scholarships

There is no upper limit to how much one applicant may receive from one scholarship fund, but no sums below 200 euro are granted (exception to this rule is travel scholarships).

Why did I not receive a scholarship?

In general, reasons for not receiving a scholarship can be the following:

  • There were other applicants with a higher amount of credits
  • You did not meet the criteria for that scholarship
  • You’re receiving another scholarship instead

What were the different criteria for the scholarships?

You can read more about the various scholarships and their criteria in the Scholarship guide 2022. Many scholarships requires you to study a certain subject, or to be from a certain region, or have a certain mother tongue. Some criteria further requires some form of attachments or motivation letters. If you have not submitted the enclosures, or they do not prove that you are eligible for the scholarship, you do not receive the scholarship in question.

When do I receive the scholarships?

The scholarships are in most cases paid in November 2023. If you have been granted a scholarship you have applied for, we already have the information we need for paying the scholarship. If you are granted a scholarship without application, we will inform you by email and ask for necessary information.

Åbo Akademi University is not allowed pay scholarship to employees. Should you be employed by ÅAU in November 2023, we will contact you to agree on another payment day after the employment ends. Another alternative is to convert the scholarship to salary, but in that case all applicable taxes will be withdrawn from the amount (both your individual taxes and ÅAU employer taxes).

Are the scholarships tax free?

The scholarship are free of tax up to a certain amount. More information can be found at the tax office pages.

Are the scholarships taken into account in the income control by FPA regarding the financial aid for students?

Since 2019, tax free scholarships are no longer taken into account in the income control by FPA regarding the financial aid for students.

May I appeal against the scholarship decision?

Kindly note that decisions regarding scholarships are final and cannot be appealed against.

For questions, please contact: studinfo@abo.fi

Most of the scholarships come from funds that are held in trust by the ÅAU Foundation.


Updated 17.11.2023