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Geology and mineralogy – research and personnel

Geology and mineralogy – research and personnel


At Åbo Akademi University, geological research is primarily conducted within the areas of bedrock geology and environmental geochemistry. Bedrock geology priorities research on the Fennoscandian Shield: its formation, evolution and resources. We specialise in magmatic petrology, structural geology, isotope geology and mineralogy. Environmental geochemistry research focuses on how anthropogenic and climate-related geochemical processes in land areas affect watercourses. We identify risk factors and develop strategies and methods for reducing the environmental loading of watercourses and coastal areas of the Baltic Sea.

A person wades in a ditch.
Our water courses are strongly dependant on climate change, geology and land-use. In envioronmental geochemistry we study the interaction between hydrogeochemical processes in the catchment and recipient water courses. Photo: Peter Österholm.

Research personnel


Olav “Joffi” Eklund, Professor
Research profile and publications

  • Igneous petrology, bedrock geology of the Fennoscandian shield
  • Environmental mineralogy: carbonation of mafic silicates, best lime stone for desulphurisation, micas as ammonium adsorbators

Kaisa Nikkilä, University Lecturer
Research profile and publications

  • structural geology, analog modeling and tectonics
  • structural analysis and tectonics of the Southern Finland migmatite complex.

Fredrik Strandman, University Teacher
Research profile and publications

Peter Österholm, Professor in Environmental Geology, Head of Subject
Research profile and publications

  • Soil and water geochemistry
  • Impact of land-use and climate change on water courses
  • Acid sulfate soils and acid mine drainage

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=IvhoC0AAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao

Sören Fröjdö, laboratory engineer (laboratory services)

Photo: Kaisa Nikkilä

Researchers and Doctoral Students

Jon Engström, Doctoral Student

Anna Johnson, Doctoral Student

Alf Lindroos, Project Researcher (The Mortar Dating Project, Radiocarbon dating)

Stefan Mattbäck, Doctoral Student: Acid sulfate soil analysis, characterization and mapping

Miriam Nystrand, Project Researcher

Evgenia Salin, Postdoctoral Researcher

Miradje Rama, Doctoral Student

Anna Saukko, Doctoral Student

Oliver Teräs, Doctoral Student

Mats Willner, Doctoral Student



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