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Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences (FSEJ)

Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences (FSEJ)

The following major subjects are included in the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics, and Law (FSEJ):

Admission to the previous major subjects Private Law and Public Law ended 31.7.2023. These subjects are now part of the Doctoral Programme in Law (admission from 1.8.2023).

Special criteria for admission to the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences (FSEJ)

In addition to the general criteria for admission to a doctoral programme at Åbo Akademi University, you are required to possess competences that are equivalent to a major subject in a Master’s degree.

In accordance with the Faculty Council’s decision, the research plan (max total 10.000 characters with spaces; not including references) must include the following:

  • Abstract (max. one half A4 sheet)
  • Background (theoretical and empirical relevance)
  • Aim and objectives of the research
  • Research methods and materials as well as risks and ethical considerations
  • Implementation (timetable, preliminary plan of financing), research environment and list of references

You will find further information on the application process at Apply for Doctoral Studies.


Study plan for the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences (FSEJ)

The Doctoral degree (240 credits) includes:

  • Research studies (40 credits)
  • Doctoral dissertation (thesis) (200 credits)

If you choose to complete your Licentiate degree (120 credits), this includes:

  • Research studies (40 credits)
  • Licentiate thesis (80 credits)

A Doctoral degree taken after a Licentiate degree only includes a Doctoral dissertation (thesis) (120 credits).

In the individual study plan (ISP), you must state the year in which you plan to complete your degree. The average length of time needed is 60 credits per academic year in full-time studies, amounting to 4 years in total. If you deviate from this schedule, you must provide an explanation for doing so.


Doctoral studies within the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences (FSEJ)

The doctoral studies within the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences (40 credits) must support your thesis work. You are to plan your studies together with the supervisor. You may complete your studies at Åbo Akademi University or another university.

The faculty recommends that working life skills are included as part of the doctoral studies (equivalent to 10-20 credits). Working life skills consist of, for example, teaching and supervision work, pedagogical competences, communication, scientific writing, computer skills and language proficiency, and studies in university pedagogy.

Updated 25.4.2024