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Main subject – Sociology

Human interaction is the core of our social relations and daily encounters as well as of societal processes and conflicts. Sociology is the critical and reflective study of this interaction at all levels of society and attempts to explain people’s actions and different social phenomena. With Sociology as your major subject, you will gain insights into various social relations, the situation of different marginal groups (for example, children, elderly and disabled people), and conflicts related to, for example, power, gender, equality, work and ethnicity.  You  will also learn to analyse and evaluate the activities of various organisations and institutions, to contribute to change processes, and to understand society both as an experienced reality and as a system that we develop together.

Major subject studies in Sociology focus on sociological methods and argumentation, both of which are important tools for your future work as an expert. Through your minor subjects and the opportunity to select study modules from, for example, labour, cultural or environmental sociology, you can create a unique professional profile that matches your own interests. Sociology is also a well suited minor subject for students of other social sciences and humanities.

Research within Sociology focuses on the diversity of society, its structural conditions and cultural representations, as well as the participation possibilities of individual members of society.

The central research themes include

  • Civil society and changing forms of participation
  • Education and knowledge-making
  • Ethnic, religious and language minorities
  • The history of sociology in Finland, especially at Åbo Akademi and The Westermarck Society
  • Diversity, inclusion, and accessibility at work
  • Family life and family relations
  • Media and digitalization
  • Religion and spirituality in contemporary society
  • Sociology of the body, especially medical knowledge and functional variations
  • Working life transformation

In terms of methodology, a broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative methods are applied.


Visiting address

Vänrikinkatu 3 A


Åbo Akademi University
Tuomiokirkontori 3
FI-20500 Turku