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Public Administration

Public Administration

Main subject – Public Administration

The world is changing rapidly. In the news, we learn about the decisions made by politicians in an effort to deal with the changes. Prior to political decision-making, public officials have already done their part and investigated various alternatives to prepare a proposal for a decision. Once the political decision is made, it will be implemented and followed up by the administration. Students of Public Administration will learn about the interplay between citizens, policymakers and administration at various levels from municipalities to the EU and within the various sectors of government. Through your studies you will gain insights into leadership and management within municipalities and state authorities, learn how public and private actors co-operate (for example, to produce services) and how the reforms will change the regional administration. Public Administration is a subject that provides knowledge about both the reasons to and consequences of political decision-making in society.

Studies in Public Administration are highly topical and anchored with the real world. The various forms of study allow for flexibility in terms of time and place. The subject can easily be combined with different minor subjects within the field of social sciences as offered by Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku. Public Administration is also well suited as a minor subject and can be studied as a short or long minor subject in Vaasa. Turku and Vaasa share the same course offering and many courses are implemented as webinars. This education provides you with a wide selection of elective courses to create a profile of your own.

Research within Public Administration at Åbo Akademi University focuses on the interaction between administration and political decision-making. Long-term research interests include local democracy and governance, administrative reforms and sector oriented research, such as environmental policymaking and language administration.

Since the subject has traditionally a strong linkage to reality, the trends of public sector development during the past decades have left their mark on the research and teaching. In the 2000s, research projects related to municipal and environmental development have constituted the core of the research activities.

Research is strongly linked to two of Åbo Akademi University’s central strategic multidisciplinary research profiles: The Sea and Minority Research.


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Public Administration
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