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Guidance in Open University Studies

Guidance in Open University Studies

Do you need study guidance?

During you studies at the open university or as you consider your study options, you might find yourself in a situation where you need guidance. Please turn to us in these situations. We provide guidance by e-mail, telephone or digital meetings.

We also offer digital scheduling for guidance sessions. You can schedule an appointment among others in the following areas:

  • Subject specific guidance in most subjects
  • Matters regarding accessibility (should you e.g. be in need of individual arrangments due to dyslexia, adhd, autism or other challenges which makes your studies more difficult)

Schedule a guidance session here!


In questions regarding course registration, course certificates and equivalent, we recommend the following webbpages:

Contact: opu@abo.fi

Our education planners will guide you in questions regarding specific subjects or studies within the subjects. You can contact us by e-mail, phone or in most cases digitally schedule a guidance session.

In some situations you might need to discuss studies on a more general level. In these situations, you can turn to:

If you have special needs that makes it difficult for you to participate in courses at the Open University at Åbo Akademi, you can make an appointment with us for a guidance session. We will guide you and make a recommendation to make your studies more accessible.

You can also be in direct contact with our accessibility advisors:

  • Rebecca Karlsson (rebecca.karlsson@abo.fi, +358 2 215 4174)
  • In Vasa: Christina Loo (christina.loo@abo.fi, +358 50 383 4660)

You can also schedule a guidance session with one of them here.


The study advisors on the upper secondary level, will guide their previous students one year after the upper secondary degree, if you have not received a study entitlement at a university.

Also other actors in the society provide guidance, e.g.:



Updated 26.9.2023