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When your course begins

Username and access to web-based courses at Åbo Akademi University

Students admitted to Open University courses at Åbo Akademi University have the right to receive a username and password that enables you to log in to online courses and other study related programs. The study planning officer will send more information about this when the course begins.

When you activate your username you are required to accept Åbo Akademi University´s user agreement.


Using the library

Course books: Open University students can borrow course textbooks and other scientific literature directly from the ASA Library (identity card needed), Fänriksgatan 3 / Vänrikinkatu 3

About Åbo Akademi Library in English.


Study techniques and time management

The following guide covers questions related to self-leadership, time management, studying and preparing for an exam, course diaries as a tool for reflection, as well as portfolios: Study competence – a guide supporting you in your studies (pdf).

Accessibility and individual arrangements

Should you have a special need that affects your study ability (e.g. dyslexia, reading and writing difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, AD(H)D, impaired vision/hearing), please be in contact with the planning officer when the course starts. The planning officer will take the matter further for processing. After processing, individual accommodations are possible (e.g. possibility of additional time during examinations, possibility to take exams on computer). 


Taking exams

The Open University arranges an exam approximately once every month and/or immediately after a completed course.

Registration for the exams should be made at least one week in advance. You can register online or by sending e-mail to opu@abo.fi. You are given three chances to pass each exam. Dates for examinations are decided in conjunction with each course.

In Åbo examinations are given on Thursdays at CLL, Fabriksgatan 2, auditorium Aura at 6:00pm-10:00pm.

In Vasa the location is Academill, Strandgatan 2, room B215 Thursdays at 6:00pm-10:00pm

Students must be able to prove their identity upon request.

The official language of instruction at Åbo Akademi University is Swedish. Students have the right to use a dictionary for examinations that are not language-based, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.

Dealing with plagiarism at Åbo Akademi University


Course results (course grades)

Course results are usually ready 2-3 weeks after the course has ended. The teacher often publishes the results on Moodle, but you can also contact opu@abo.fi to ask for your course grade.



You can get a certificate of courses you have passed by sending an e-mail with a request for a certificate to opu@abo.fi


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Updated 26.1.2021