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When your course begins

When your course begins

Username and access to web-based courses at Åbo Akademi University

Students admitted to Open University courses at Åbo Akademi University have the right to receive a username and password that enables you to log in to online courses and other study related programs. The study planning officer will send more information about this when the course begins.

When you activate your username you are required to accept Åbo Akademi University´s user agreement.


Using the library

Course books: Open University students can borrow course textbooks and other scientific literature directly from the ASA Library (identity card needed), Fänriksgatan 3 / Vänrikinkatu 3, Turku. About Åbo Akademi Library in English.

A guide to information seeking for students at the Open University at Åbo Akademi.


Study techniques and time management

The following guide covers questions related to self-leadership, time management, studying and preparing for an exam, course diaries as a tool for reflection, as well as portfolios: Study competence – a guide supporting you in your studies (pdf).


Scientific writing (pdf).

Dealing with plagiarism at Åbo Akademi University.


Accessibility and individual arrangements

Should you have a special need that affects your study ability (e.g. dyslexia, reading and writing difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, AD(H)D, impaired vision/hearing), please be in contact with the planning officer when the course starts. The planning officer will take the matter further for processing. After processing, individual accommodations are possible (e.g. possibility of additional time during examinations, possibility to take exams on computer).

You can also be in direct contact with our accessibility advisors:

In Åbo: Rebecca Karlsson (rebecca.karlsson@abo.fi, +358 2 215 4174)
In Vasa: Christina Loo (christina.loo@abo.fi, +358 50 383 4660)

We have digital scheduling for guidance sessions. Click here if you want to book a guidance session.


Course results (course grades)

Course results are usually ready 2-3 weeks after the course deadline. Your course grade is registered in the study register Peppi and you can see your course result in My Studyinfo or in the Tuudo app. You can also contact opu@abo.fi to ask for your course grade.


Transcript of records

After you have passed a course, you can request a transcript of records by sending an e-mail to opu@abo.fi. Please note that it can take a few weeks after the course has ended before the grades are registered.

The Open University primarily offers electronically signed (e-signed) transcripts. The electronic signatures are made by using certified Finnish ID cards, and the signatures are legally binding. Identification and signature certificates issued by the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency meet the requirements under Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 and the Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Signatures (617/2009). Read more about this on the website of the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

An e-signed transcript of records is electronically signed and validated. The authenticity of the signature can be inspected in a program that supports electronic signatures, such as Adobe Acrobat, or by using the document validation service offered by the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The authenticity of the signature cannot be verified from a printed document.

As the signer is acting on the behalf of the Open University, a stamp is not needed in the electronic document. To ensure the connection between the signer and the Open university, you can check the Electronic Unique Identification Number (SATU) present in the transcript.

The following people at the Open University at Åbo Akademi University use e-signing:

Annette Hartvik
Secretary, Vasa
SATU: 13612730A
Andreas Granberg
Secretary, Åbo
SATU: 147424884
Charlotta Rosenberg-Meereboer
Secretary, Åbo
SATU: 14817793A



CampusSport’s sports services in Turku are available for Åbo Akademi´s Open University students from Sep 2022. Open University students get to use all CampusSport’s services with student prices. You can login to CampusSport’s online store and reservation system with your HAKA user ID of your university. Note that you have to wait 2-3 weeks after your first course has begun, before your login works.
More information about the sports services: https://www.campussport.fi/en/. 

Updated 20.6.2024