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Webinars: Boost your Well-Being and Study Capacity

Webinars: Boost your Well-Being and Study Capacity

In autumn 2023, we arranged a webinar series with the aim of strengthening well-being and supporting study ability. The target group was students in continuous learning, for example in open university education, open university paths, continuing education, competence development courses and other studies.

One of the webinars was in English, one in Finnish, two in Swedish. The webinars were arranged within the framework of the PODI project as a collaboration between the Centre for Lifelong Learning/Open University at Åbo Akademi University, the University of Turku and Turku University of Applied Sciences. The project was funded as part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The webinar series was recorded. We hope the recordings give you help in your studies!

“Studera hjärnvänligt – kognitiv ergonomi” (in Swedish)
Lecturer: Anna Avellan
Recording (available until 13.9.2024):
“Prokrastinaatio opinnoissa – Miksi emme saa aikaiseksi tärkeitä asioita?” (in Finnish)
Lecturer: Kalle Partanen
Recording (available until 17 September 2024):
Self-Compassion as a Support for Study Skills and Well-Being” (in English)
Lecturer: Emmi Arponen
Recording (available until 11 October 2024):
“Inre hållbarhet i en digitaliserad vardag” (in Swedish)
Lecturer: Ann-Christin Furu
Recording (available until 25.10.2024):



Read about the lecturers here.

Studera hjärnvänligt – kognitiv ergonomi


Anna Avellan is a psychologist specializing in work and organizational psychology. Her interests include neuropsychology and matters related to exhaustion. She has worked in a research group focusing on neurological processes and mental illness. Anna has extensive teaching experience also in continuous learning. She herself recovers best by laughing too loudly in the cinema or experiencing the smell of hay in the stable.

Anna Avellan on Linkedin.


Kalle Partanen is a psychologist, psychotherapist and educator. Challenges in studies and teaching as well as behavioural sciences are among his areas of expertise. Partanen has worked as a study psychologist in several different educational organizations as well as worked with people with autism, both in rehabilitation and work guidance. Partanen is also known to the general public via TV series such as Vieraissa and Lapsi tuntemattoman kanssa.

Kalle Partanen’s website (in Finnish).


Prokrastinaatio opinnoissa – Miksi emme saa aikaiseksi tärkeitä asioita?


Self-Compassion as a Support for Study Skills and Well-Being

Emmi Arponen is a psychologist, physiotherapist, adult educator/teacher and Master of Health Sciences. She believes in compassionate encounters, incompleteness and the power of humanity. In her work she helps people face difficult emotions and issues and find ways to strengthen their own well-being and coping. Arponen works as a psychologist, educates and lectures. She also produces expert content for social media.

Emmi Arponen’s website (in Finnish)


Ann-Christin Furu is an associate professor in early childhood education with a focus on learning for sustainability and works as a university researcher at Åbo Akademi University. In her research, she is particularly interested in how to create a foundation for sustainability, well-being and resilience – both among individuals and within organizations. She has more than 25 years of experience in teacher education and working with the development of organizations, companies and individuals around values, communication and various aspects of sustainability.

Ann-Christin’s company Refugium


Inre hållbarhet i en digitaliserad vardag




Updated 24.2.2024