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FFFF – Continuous Learning

Flexible, multilingual, advanced and continuous education in a multicultural digital world.

The aim of the project is to promote continuous learning in line with Åbo Akademi’s strategy, which emphasizes diversity, cross-border education, lifelong learning, and students’ opportunities within profiling.

The project is a part of the university’s strategy funding for the development of continuous learning. In the project, a new cooperation and business model is being planned, developed and piloted. The project provides possibilities to employees within the IT, social and health care sectors (SOTE), to develop their competences in order to enable them to meet new demands arising from new forms of service and working methods, digitalization, multilingualism, and other societal and technological changes.

Through flexible content modules, the model will create a package that meets competency needs that have been identified by research-based knowledge.

In the area of social and health care, multilingual education modules are offered including, quality management within the elderly (20sp) and welfare technology (20sp), as well as language as a main tool in health and social care (10sp). In the IT area, basic studies are offered in digital skills for social and health care personnel (30sp) and in depth courses for engineers (60sp).

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Improve the knowledge transfer between universities in SOTE and within the IT area
  • Promote continuous learning and enable studies alongside work
  • Offer profiling for undergraduate students
  • Improve availability to university-educated staff in areas where there are shortages
  • Evaluate and update the content of the programs taking working life into consideration


Quality Management - female hand writing text

Quality management within
geriatric social- and healthcare services

Digital illustration - välfärdsteknologi

Welfare technology
within healthcare

Friendly doctor examining health of patient sitting in wheelchair. Happy smiling nurse consulting disabled patient about treatment. Nurse caring about elder handicap man at home.

Language – an important tool in healthcare


Contact information:

Pia Nygårdas
Project Coordinator
Åbo Akademi, Rantakatu 2, 65100 Vaasa
+358 50 3397 899
Madelene Orre
Planning Officer
Centre for Lifelong learning, Rantakatu 2, 65100 Vaasa
+358 6 324 7004, +358 50 359 0413


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Updated 31.3.2020