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Quality management

Quality management

Quality management within geriatric social- and healthcare services

Do you work within geriatric care? Are you interested in learning more about what high quality social- and healthcare of our elderly entails? How do you take responsibility for the quality control and follow-up of geriatric care?


In connection with Åbo Akademi University’s investment in continuous learning within the field of social welfare, four courses (4 x 5 credits) are offered with a focus on quality management within geriatric social- and healthcare.

In these courses, the focus is on competence in quality control and follow-up within the public, private, and voluntary sector. Current legislation, quality indicators, and quality registers are other central themes. The participants also gain expertise in communication, person-centered care, care planning, and documentation. Recurring themes in the courses are value systems, ethics, and reception.

The language of instruction depends on the instructor, but course participants are free to choose the language they prefer, and are offered language support in any of the three course languages: Swedish; Finnish; or English.


Target group:
Nurses, healthcare assistants, social workers within geriatric care, and others interested in quality management, quality control, and follow-up within social- and healthcare.

The introduction course starts in autumn 2019 (October 22, October 23, and November 20). Two courses are held in spring 2020, as well as a final course in autumn 2020. The courses are 4 x 5 credits and can be counted toward continued studies at Åbo Akademi University.    

Free of charge, financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Expenses for travel, board, and lodging paid by the student.

By September 13 at www.cll.fi/anmalan


Pia Nygårdas

Project coordinator
Åbo Akademi, Rantakatu 2, 65100 Vasa

050 3397 899

Updated 31.10.2019