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Language – an important tool in healthcare

Language – an important tool in healthcare

Would you like to know more about language and cultural aspects within healthcare professions? Do you want to develop your own language skills or lead the language development of others in multilingual work environments?

During 2020, Åbo Akademi University offers a professional development Course connected to healthcare professions. The Course focuses on linguistic and cultural aspects in relation to work Life. The Course consist of IRL meetings during four days (at 13-16) with digital meetings between.

Course language varies according to the lecturer, but participants are free to choose theirs. Participants’ understanding will be supported in the three course languages Swedish, Finnish and English. Read more about the Course below!

Target group
Healthcare professionals, particularly in elderly care.


Autumn 2020: 

Multilingualism in society and working life – focusing healthcare (5ects)

Liselott Forsman, liforsma@abo.fi

No course fees; financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
Travel, food and accommodation at own expense.

Course enrollment
Deadline 2.9.2020 at www.cll.fi/anmalan

Contact information

Pia Nygårdas

Project coordinator
Åbo Akademi, Rantakatu 2, 65100 Vasa

050 3397 899


Fall 2020

Multilingualism in society and working life – focusing healthcare (5ects)

In Healthcare it is more important than in many other areas of work to have functioning communication and positive interaction. Through goodwill and empathy, we can go a long way despite differing language skills and cultural insights, but we all want to reach further. As a healthcare employee, you have the client’s best interest at heart and know that good and functioning person-centered care takes into account linguistic and cultural differences.
This coming fall, you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the central role of language and culture in healthcare and caring, a large but interesting field. Read more about the Course on our blog.

Updated 18.8.2020